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For sentimental reasons,  I rebuilt it with new motor, detail parts, paint and decals.
Build a T-Trak moduleIn the June issue you'll learn all about model railroading with T-Trak N scale modules. Behind the scenes at Model RailroaderOur friend James Wright of the JWLII2000 YouTube channel came by for a visit. New model trains and more!A SmartSwitch crossing gate module from ANE Model highlights the new model railroading products announced this week. FEATURED STORYModel Railroader Digital ArchiveGet instant access to every issue of Model Railroader from 1934 to the present on your computer, tablet, or smartphone in the All-Time Digital Archive. Check out the latest Step By Step column in Model Railroader magazine to learn how the MR staff built this 4 x 6-foot HO scale model railroad.
This little UP gondola is one of three that I purchased at a train show last weekend for $3.50 each. This was a week of non-photogenic work as I prepare for an operating session in early February. Last week I mentioned my many projects, and how they seem to be completed about the same time.
As I was looking over the decal sheet, I noticed some decals that were cut to go around the ribs on a 55 ton hopper.
As I was going through the box looking for the composite hopper, I found another hopper that I had forgotten about.
This is a view from Dragon Products looking over to the Greenvale Village area showing the main line grade, propane dealer, printing plant and the road to the village. Editor Neil Besougloff shows you highlights of the layout tours, how-to stories, and more featured in the July 2015 issue of Model Railroader magazine.
Yet I now find myself, admittedly after a couple of well earned (well I think I earned them), back in front of the computer and thinking what a marvellous bit of kit they are! Still waiting on my decoder to arrive, but the lighting is all in and just needs hooked up.
Looking foward to a great thread all.  Btw does anyone know of any good looking HO sale telephone poles?
Good morning Bear and Mike, nice looking locos but I still prefer the White Pass and Yukon scheme on those Alcos, especially as an ex-Alaskan resident. Well, I finally got to some modeling and finished up a few cars this week especially after putting together a raft of Stewart Ore Cars in preparation of the NMRA Convention. First up is an 1937 AAR Monon Boxcar from IMWX, substitued A-Line Sill Steps for the cast plastic ones, painted with Scalecoat II Boxcar Red and lettered with Champ Decals.
This is the fourth IMRC Great Northern 12 Panel 10' Inside Heighth Boxcar I have finished recently, all have different paint schemes. Rule 3: Illuminating discussion of prototype history, equipment and operating practices is always welcome, but in the event of visitor-perceived anacronisms, detail descrepancies or operating errors, consult RULE 1! As mentioned last week, I have been working on updating my inventory in RRTrains and in DecoderPro. NYC F7A #1663, approaches the crossing behind the Farmers Union Elevator with a mixed freight train. Sometimes with soldering, I'm close to a heart attack re my workmanship Fortunately, paints covers a multitude of sins. I should like to make clear that all I did with the brass Kb was take the photo, I could only wish to have the skills to undertake such a project. Gidday All, well it’s a warm humid Friday night, the convection clouds were building since lunch time and the resultant rain from the thunderstorm only cooled things briefly. It is always interesting to see the variety of locomotives that have been run in your neck of the woods. On the bright side, the decals for my McKeen Motor Car project will be in the mail soon and I am really looking forward to semi-finishing that project.
Tell me about it Dave, though the frustration doesn’t go away, I must admit that seeing others efforts, no matter how big or small, gives me pleasure and cheers me up.
After removing the shell to have a look I found a bunch of little plugs and wires running all over the place.
Gidday All, Weekend Photo Fun and Model Railroading is Fun, a fine idea and sentiment aren’t they?
So I could say that Model Railroading is Patience and to that end here’s the 188 stanchions that I require for my ferries railing.

Seriously, you have a bit of a task ahead of you but it will go quickly once you get started, and it will look fantastic. Not wishing to out do you, but my caboose fleet required 224 grab irons, almost  all of which I had to form by hand. The caboose was temporarily assembled for the picture so the ladders are missing as well as the left side end platform grab. If I may suggest, why not chop out the two windows between the existing freight doors and put in two more freight doors?
I could, on the backside of this building there are two doors which are actually for the big rigs and trailers, I could turn the building around. Critter's post got me thinking,I may reverse the building so the doors are on the proper side and the big door is on the dock where crews can shuffle materials and product. Then you would have 4 doors for trailers, maybe six if you added more in between the existing doors on each side.
So long as you stick with older trailers, they are short enough you should have the space needed with the changed orientation, which would see trailers back up to both sides of the building.
The adobe structure looks really good with the scenery details around it, and the water tank is excellent. After working on Kittanning Point last week, I focused my attention back on Horseshoe Curve. Gidday All, well with the magnolia in the backyard in full bloom, the lawn needing its first mow, and the daylight hours drawing out, my modelling time is about to be cut even more.
After much digging at the avalanche site just north of Eureka, the line to Animas Forks is open again. The shops were slow this week and I only managed to get two cars done, bowling twice a week takes away the time for modeling. Started on building a Sunshine PRR X37B Resin Kit, picture shows all the kit contents and I have already washed all the resin parts in warm soapy water. The lead unit passing the water column, still used by a narrowgauge loco from time to time. The side numberboards, dynamic brakes, and other details mark them as pretty much mid to late 40s, close to as built. Small-electric and park-flyer technology has made RC accessible to more consumers than ever before.
In this Model Railroader Video Plus free preview, you'll learn the basics of building your own module. Got some more work done on my ferry apron, now at the put it away til the final assembly stage.
One of the Steel Mill Baldwin switchers moves a group of ore cars on the interchange track.
They're a little crude, but work to fill open loads for now until I get back later with something more detailed.
I am still trying to decide what to do with the hole in the layout between the main line and the Dragon lead. Well how else would I not only have the privilege of starting WPF but also the ability to see and enjoy Really Good Stuff, not only from North America but around the world, ie Jurg, a newcomer, from Switzerland last WPF.
I learned a bit more putting this one together, including how to tilt the cab sidedoor steps out to clear truck swing. The West Indian Fruit and Steamship Lines were formed after WWII offering car ferry service to Cuba, they first acquired some used 1923 AAR Boxcars before acquiring the more familiar 1944 AAR Boxcars that everyone models. I have been spending my time (and money -ouch!) on acquiring components for the lighting system for my layout. Problem with being retired is friends and family say "You are retired and you are doing nothing.
I guess we really haven’t really lost too much, though even as it is 1144 Saturday here, the forum time is (I think) 0444 Saturday.
I bought a pack of Tichy curved grabs for the sides of the cabooses but in most cases they didn't fit properly.
I tried to make some masks from recipe cards but they didn't work well at all, so it was all done freehand. To me, that would suggest that twice as much activity is happening at the transfer station. The building looks to only have a spot for one car, even with the original long way turned parallel to the tracks.

If you need 40, 45 or 53 foot trailers, what you have laid out would be too short, I suspect, but don't know if you need to confine yourself to this small a footprint or could add another inch to its width. I'm modeling it as it existed in the 1950s despite my penchant for running Conrail and NS equipment as well as Pennsy. I imporved the lighting by updating the LEDs upfront and adding diffusers to the side numberboard lighting.
No overspray on the roof as Evans masked all the roofs before painting the side and end colors. I used black liquid electrical tape across the top of the LEDs to keep light from leaking up and being visible in the portholes above.
To go with later paint would also require updating numerous physical details and features, so I'm leaving it as is.
There was a freeze warning for most of Maine last night, and the sun is going down before 7PM.
I had a heck of a time at first, because the car was like Rubik's cube, no obvious solution to getting it apart. A Burlington switcher has picked up loads of new steel in gondolas (some open and some covered). Right now, sequential ops work fine, but having a clock for incentive to get things done will help the flow. With that, I fixed #60, tuned a piece or two of track, tracked down a random short in one of her trucks, and qualified the 60 class on the Cascade Branch. But they are brass, so I expect them to eventually fall into the hands of a WP&Y fan long after it matters to me.
Hoping to have some pics of the lighting and decoder install soon if the mailman treats me right. I have also been modifying the 43 Peco Electrofrog turnouts so that the frog polarity can be controlled, as well as installing jumpers between the point rails and the closure and stock rails for future reliability.
If and when they do that I will have to do some major surgery on the Motor Car to fit the sound decoder and speaker(s) into the beast. After about 40-minutes examining everything through a magnifying glass I changed the location of one little plug and voilà, a DCC decoder came to life on my programming track. Is it possible, instead of turning it 180, to turn it only 90 degrees so it T's into the track at the narrow end, presuming a door can be cut into it to serve the rail siding, if not already present?
But I'm not real uptight about keeping eras sorted out as some are, so it works for me. The headlight LED conversions turned out well, they actually throw a beam down the track, which is one of my goals with any such install, but not as easy as it sounds.
The substantial free content available on the website includes product and plan reviews, building hints, flight sims, helis, how-to articles and details about the current and upcoming issues.
I used plain white paper on these ones, but have also downloaded and printed wraps off the internet.
Some houses are being test fitted, including the 2 ranch style houses I completed last week.
Folded onto the block and taped, I use some elastic 0.5mm line used by beaders pulled taut and tacked down with CA.
I went to Microscale, and found a C&O decal set that would work for this hopper and my modeling timeframe. The main line comes down the grade in the center of the picture, passing the propane dealer and printing plant. It is electrically coupled to #1663 and has a Soundtraxx DSD-100LC decoder and speaker installed. It's renumbered 8032 from the factory number of 8022, because I ended up with two of them. The lead to Dragon Products goes off to the right, and a passing track starts in the lower right corner.

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