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Here is a photo of an Atlas and Intermountain CN consist awaiting a crew change at the East Yard Building.
I use bachmann EZ track And i have been trying to figure out if i could get rid of that s curve.
I recently got around to finishing up a Walthers 933-2982 Block & Interlocking Tower and since the window was somewhat large and it would face the aisle I wanted something interesting to see in there. I made a rectangle of styrene painted black and scribed lines to represent the track diagram. I wired LEDs and then,using various pieces of heat shrink tubing with a bit of cement to help transmit the light, I attached the LEDs to the strands.
Also, is the painted window panels, trim, and gutters on the tower supposed to mimic the patina of weathered copper?  I like it. Now I'm regretting that my only tower controls a jucntion not nearly complex enough to warrant such a neat feature. I feel like the club's actual layout, although being at the early stage, reach that point of no return. I'll probably had a passenger train as a run through, but won't push it too much because Palace Station would be a real pain to model and would take too much space!
I believe it was an Atlas Plate Girder bridge and I used a Dremel to cut off the sides and use them as the bridge I needed was on a slight curve. The two BN box cars on the left will were the loading docks are, two reefers will be on that track as well. You have done well and there is room for expansion in your situation, yet!  All the best.

I know, too much power for a switching layout but I hope to do ops involving one 6 axle loco, 2 rolling stock and one caboose to the industry section. Engine tracks will not be raised on cork, not a fan of not using cork because it not as easy to get up later if I change things but oh well.
And a video showing just the chassis running a 2.5 volts and then with the shell on pushing 8 hopper cars at 12 volts. Right now I'm a little hesitant to buy from the US because the exchange rate is terrible and shipping is getting ridiculous too. Don't worry about shrinking the tubing all the way to the end where the fiber comes in. An end to the limited-production and other crap that makes models harder to get and more expensive. I don't see the CN one on their site, but my hobby store had that one and the green one that is also on my layout with the modern CN logo.
I believe the bench work is about 44” in height, so I can do switching from a chair and have a realistic view(IMO).
I am using a Bachman car repair shop as a scrap building, I am pondering making it only two doors to give more room for ground cover or etc. Perhaps if you would have led with saying is was a CR-4 and skipped the other chatter I might have caught it. Which, by the way hasn't seen anything that looks like winter at all yet this year, at least not in our area. We have a couple of suppliers here in Canada that have reasonable prices for similar items so I'll have a look here.

Perhaps the next attempt I'll lightly sand the strand ends to make them diffuse the light better.
The black shrink tube was pre-shrunk around the LED before the fiber optic was pushed into the open end.
I MAY wire these to a Tortoise so when I throw a crossover or siding switch the appropriate colors will change on the board but this will be for a future project. Just a few branchlines still operated steam engines in the area but it was definitively the end. This would give you more industries to switch.You would have to use a small radius to bring the track around and perhaps use a triangle piece of benchwork in the corner. Anyway, I probably won't do any further developement on these, since I have a few spares, and that aspect of my layout is pretty much complete, thankfully!
Gearheads, motors, some of which are coreless, and an oddball assortment of useful hardware. And the new elevated highway shadowing the yard is there to remind us a new era is coming. This also allowed us to revised our design process and check our decision in real time.

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