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We have worked hard on keeping total cost down however, we have not cut corners on quality or the features that make a locomotive practical and enjoyable to drive. The battery housing has been designed to accommodate a standard 12V, 50 Ah maintenance free battery which gives many hours of trouble free running on one charge. It is our company goal to make attractive, robust models without using plastics or resin moldings, we make extensive use of SolidWorks CAD for our designs and this locomotive is almost entirely made of laser cut and folded or welded steel components.
The Zugspitzbahn locomotive is not suitable for commercial or club use ( continuous running). A?4,850.00Buy it now16 watchingHere we have a particularly well made and superbly detailed Canadian National 0-8-0 Switcher.
A?4,250.00Buy it now17 watchingHere we have a beautiful little German 0-4-0 Krauss side tank. A?5,150.00Buy it nowor Best Offer62 watchingA Crampton locomotive is a type of steam locomotive designed by Thomas Russell Crampton and built by various firms from 1846. Phoenix locos are UK based international distributors of high quality, affordable battery electric model locos, rolling stock and loco bogies in 5 inch and 7.25 inch gauge that are ideal as club locos or in garden railways.

One horse power of electric traction packaged in a low profile geared package which also features a disc brake and calliper. It's the worldwide largest indoor 5 inch layout with a total track length of almost five kilometres. We set ourselves the objective of producing an attractive but compact locomotive based upon our popular 4 motor power chassis.
We have had her in the workshop and given her a full examination, hydraulic test and run her in steam on the rolling road-she performs really well. Check out our MSS Kit video "What's in the Box" Each engine is boxed and comes supplied with:One pack of 20 MSS solid fuel tablets. Also included are 3 sealed boxes of solid fuel tablets and 1 used (85% full) and lubrication oil. We use them on the Titan 7 and Geep locos, we have sold them for use on trams, trolleys, scale locos and a powered passenger coach. Additionally, we like to keep a good check on the quality of the individual components and use local component suppliers, this we have done and are proud to say this loco is Made in Germany.

We are talking about 5 inch track and 7¼ inch gauge at the world's largest indoor live steam railroad meeting in Germany. Super rare this one, wea€™d never seen another until the other one on ebay surfaced on recently! At that exhibition there are steamships, steam engines, steam model engineering, steam-powered road vehicles and steam locomotives. Although complex in its shape and detailing, we decided this was exactly the outline we were looking for.
Although not an exact replica model, we have tried hard to get as close as possible to the original outline, whilst paying careful attention to the features, complexity and total cost.

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