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We did a lot of scenic work bringing colour, detail and life back into the model.We have a standard selection of sizes that can be seen below but are quite happy to build a layout or baseboards to your requirements ranging from a simple circle on a small board up to a complete custom multi level build completed with trackwork, wiring and scenery. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). It measures 15' x 6'PLEASE SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE IMAGES OF JUST SOME OF THE LAYOUTS WE HAVE BUILT.We offer a retro fitting service for trackwork and wiring. If you have built a layout but unsure how to wire we can offer our services to take your layout away and bring it back fully wired.

Have you gotten your layout past the running stage and now require scenics but have no idea where to start? It was hand delivered by us in our owned van to our customer 250 miles away.A small N aguge layout we did from baseboard through to track laying and wiring.
This was scenically challenging due to the sheer volume of items to be fitted including the 1,500 people we painted by hand.Another N gauge measuring 12' long by 2'6" wideThis was built from start to finished (still in production on this photo) by us for exhibition use.
It features 4 levels of trackwork and virtually no flat parts as the customer wanted it representative of a modern working freight branch line based in the pennines. It even features our home made electronics allowing a two station platform to shuttle into a three station fiddle yard operating points and signals on the way.

It was also worked so it detected how many trains you had so if out of 4 possible trains you only had two on it would automatically shuttle just the two of them.Not quite finished yet but we felt the farmers sheep were getting hungry sat in their box so we let them loose on his fieldThe same N gauge layout showing the bare boards with the start of contouring on it showing the array of levels used.

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