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RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanized) Rubber molds are simple to make and can allow you to cast several identical detail castings for your scratchbuilt models.
Take the detail you wish to copy, called a MASTER, and glue it into a cardboard or styrene box with dimensions about one inch longer than the master by one inch wider than the master. To find out exactly how much RTV it will take to make the mold (I don’t like to waste any RTV because it is a bit expensive), I fill the box to the top with salt, or some other granulated substance.
Once the rubber is hardened, cut down the sides of the box and remove it slowly and carefully from the master detail, and powder it with baby powder.
The mold, if handled with care (cleaned with dish detergent, blow dried and powdered between each use), will last for an extremely long time without losing detail. I am a complete model railroading novice, and I’ve started this website to share what I learn with others who are also new to the hobby and want to learn about it. With the three rail system, the space between the rails had to be spread out in order for the train wheels not to touch.
Corey Tincher is an avid action figure collector and writer, with over one thousand articles to his name and five thousand action figures in his collection.
Corey has been a collector for over two decades, and owns action figures from the last five. On top of that, Robert does not only just go into the finer details of is constructing certain parts of your model layout, but he also gives you detailed instructions on the best way of planning your overall layout, so that you can end up with a model railroad set that you can truly be proud of, and that matches your ideal vision of what you originally wanted to create.

1)  Просто отрежьте мат согласно требуемому размеру с помощью ножниц или перочинного ножа. I can find a lot of info about WHAT ties were made of in my time period, but not much on how long they were other then the to try to guess from photos..
When I was buying ties for the Soo, a standard tie length was 8 foot 6 inches, plus or minus one inch. I then take some of the catalyst (it’s in a tube with the liquid rubber mixture) on a popcicle stick.
To check to see if it hardened after 24 hours, take a toothpick and gently rub it over the smooth, rubber surface.
You can use Alumilite (2 part liquid plastic) or a type of plaster or polyurethane to cast your copies.
I invite you to sign up for my newsletter and get the free report: 7 Model Train Mistakes To Avoid. He has utilized his experiences as a collector to start and maintain multiple action figure websites. Because Robert has been an enthusiastic “expert” modeller for many years now, he has run into pretty much every problem that you can have, when you are building your own model layouts. Rail is often in shadow, so the color looks darker often times, and once it gets a good coat of dust, the color moves toward a lighter shade of brown-gray over time.

Rowena, on the UP along the Columbia River, is now used to storage surplus cars and sometimes maintenance of way gear. If it’s still liquidy, let it sit another several hours, checking it from time to time.
Throughout the years, he has written over a thousand articles and taken more than ten thousand photos to accompany them. By early 1900s I think they are referring to the USRA period and late not so much 1900-1910.. I find 3110 the easiest to use because it does not require an expensive vacuum pump to decompress air bubbles. When doing different jobs in my garage, I was using play sand from The Home Depot for cleaning metal parts.  The bigger grit of the sand sped up the sand blasting process.
The clear lacquer paint comes in spray cans at Lowe’s or The Home Depot, in their spray paint departments.  You can guard for over-spray with news papers.
Unbelievably, the pebbles that were sifted out from a normal aluminum screen turned out to be a great ballast size for my train layout.

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