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The most popular scale model railroads, O, HO, N, and OO (in the UK) have accessories that are widely available and don’t have to be custom made. Whether a model train lover wants perfect scale and realism, or whether he or she wants the fun of running trains, with scenery ranking less importantly, there are plenty of other like-minded train enthusiasts all over the world.
Please Note: Unfortunately not all of the building is accessible for those with disabilities.

The great thing about model train layouts is that you can make them a little at a time, changing and modifying as you go.
In addition, there is a growing cottage industry of software used for designing model train layouts and printing simple fold-together building designs onto card stock.
Now that an entire generation of Lego train enthusiasts has grown up and has more disposable income for such pursuits, Lego trains are very popular among adult model train hobbyists. Because when you get down to it, one of the most fun things about having model trains is sharing them with other people who appreciate them.

For those who go for the most realism, there are custom model railroad artists who make very realistic, perfectly scaled architectural and landscape features for the most demanding model railway enthusiasts. The fact that Lego model trains are sturdy enough to stand up to years of use is one real advantage to choosing such a set for a child who is a beginning model train enthusiast.

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