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Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. I started by reading an excellent article by Fred Carlson on air brakes, published in the November 1994 issue of Model Railroader magazine. In addition, any cars added to the train must be checked to make sure their brakes have applied and released.
To conduct a brake test, an engineer must first charge the train line and all air reservoirs on the rolling stock with air from the engine – typically, according to Fred, to 70 psi.
It takes time to charge the system – and the longer the train, the more time it takes. For the time being, I run the injector sound (which of course I also use to represent using the injectors that add water to the boiler).
Once the brake system is at full pressure, a crew member has checked that all brakes have released by walking the train. While the time wouldn’t vary for length of train I bet you could make a digital recording of an air pump running and then a brake release. You can get a sotra’ user controllable air pump if you are willing to give up the coulper clank sound. SyxthSense TX range of wireless thermostats and radiator valves have been designed for effective wireless control of multiple zones. Wireless Actuator for radiator valve control, accurate zone control - temperature measurement not next to heat source!
SyxthSense Wireless Range - reliable and cost effective solution for HVAC control and monitoring !

We also provide custom fabrication of hydraulic steel tubing, hydraulic hose and industrial hose assemblies using a wide variety of hose types and fittings configurations. All standard valves have end inlet and outlet locations, power beyond conversion plug, complete handle assemblies and adjustable differential poppet relief. I encourage others interested in representing air brake tests on their layouts to obtain a copy of this piece.
The test is done after the train has been assembled and before it continues on its journey.
Since the trains on the branch are so short and there are so many crew members aboard my 1950s era trains, it’s relatively easy to check the brakes on all cars during a test. To represent this, I count off five seconds per freight car or caboose and 10 seconds per passenger car (since they have more complex air brake systems). I would love to represent the brake system charging time by running the air compressor on the locomotive. Again, five seconds per freight car and 10 seconds per passenger car feels about right during an operating session. Again, it would be nice to have a user-activated compressor sound for this, but I make do with the injector sound. Just standing around waiting feels goofy and people would, quite understandably, wave it off. The system consists of wireless room thermostats and wireless programmable room thermostats.
A full size train would take a lot longer, and once I have my fast clock system installed I may adjust these times.

I’ll run this for a five-count to restore the air pressure lost to apply the brakes for the test. Using the audio (even not-quite-correct audio) as a cue that something is happening makes conducting a brake test feel like you’re actually doing something, so people take the time to do it. The room thermostats can send demand signals to the wireless radiator valve (the wireless actuator replaces the existing TRV head). For now, though, operators working the Mixed Train with a combine, a baggage-mail, a boxcar in LCL service, plus a second freight car in the consist must pump air 30 seconds of real time – which feels like an eternity when running a layout. I don’t believe the time is adjustable but you could push the button once for every car in the train for instance. Furthermore the thermostats can wirelessly send demand signals to underfloor heating manifold wiring centers or for zone valves (e.g. This sounds somewhat like pressurized air being released through a valve (think of the sound of the air coming out of an airbrush).
When in any of teh zones is in the demand by adding the wireless boiler control module it is possible to run the boilers only when there is demand making this solution as the most energy saving wireless range in the market. I run this function for a count of five, then allow time for a crew member to confirm that brakes have applied.

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