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I'd already installed a pair of 12 volt Frizinghall Model (FMR) street lights outside the entrance to the Hotel de Paris.
Each pair of these lights comes with a resistor to be wired in series so that the bulbs don't overheat. However, for the string of lights that I was wiring up for outside the street cafe, I felt that one could dispose with the need for resistors if one wired the 8 lights in series with each other. From the freezer, an unidentifiable bag of something which turned out to be beef and mushroom in gravy. Last night, cycled to Glasgow's Royal Concert Hall for a performance of Beethoven's 4th Piano Concerto performed by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra under Peter Oundjian's baton.
Check the manual for the Tortoise motors, if you are running them of 12 volts, you can insert a pair of leds in series with the tortoise. Electronics has produced two books for Model Railway enthusiasts (book-2 is now out of print). You also need to check the software version and potentially replace the uProcessor to update the software to enable the functions. I do not remember which output pins to use, and I can't find a copy of the decoder instructions which included the pin diagram. I've got a number of ditch lights ready to go into operation but the QSI is still getting in my way.

I use .030 fibre optic for my signal lights The strand goes under the board to a bye colour LED. As you will see in the diagrams of one of the sections of my layout all the wiring is cable tied and hot clued to the base board, believe me NONE of these wires move!! If a short circuit occurs then you can disconnect each section of layout till the short circuit clears, you then know that the fault lies in that section.
As I am now in the Autumn of my life climbing under boards etc is not so easy, so another little tip, after you have completed a section of layout wiring PHOTOGRAPH IT it makes life a lot easier when tracing those wires, and don’t forget to label items its to easy to forget whats what. I have no idea what it is about Dave’s videos – but even the silly ones are watchable!
Dave, your how-to videos are very informative and your short movies are a marvelous trip to watch.
Iwas pleased to see a man with my same problem—too many good engines to switch to dcc, the cost would be prohiitive.
Nice layout you have built Dick , loe all that detail , even got a camper van park , and Lawrence that is a very professional job with the wiring , well done both of you. When the polarity is one way, one LED will light ON, when the polarity is the other way the other LED will light ON. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.

You will have to reprogram the decoder to enable the ditch lights and tie the operation to a function switch. DC power one direction for red– reverse current for green and AC gives a yellow orange .
There is still only one DCC controller, and a couple of transformers for the whole layout which is connected to each board by mini plugs.
In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). As to amount of time I have in it, that’s hard to say as I work on it only once in a while.
My next project will on a 4 X 8 board and I’ve been getting a lot of hints from your emails which I really appreciate.

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