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Having just finished the panel below for my local MR club, I thought I'd start a thread to see what you use on your layout? This one allows layout control via the built in twin Gaugemaster controllers or hand held units which can be plugged in on either side of the panel and controller selection is made via a three position rotary switch. Upon DCC being connected to the DCC input terminals on the left side of the panel a relay operates and switches off the dc controllers thereby allowing all the panels track feed sections to become DCC. Something I would like to have is one pushbutton for each point where each push of the button changes the point to the opposite direction. There aren't any point position indications, as the whole layouts points can be seen clearly from the operating position. The layout uses Seep PM1 solenoid motors with the change-over working the points frog polarity.
You would have to use a CDU to ensure only a one shot pulse is sent to the motors coil and then nothing until the PB switch is released and the CDU can then recharge. I think this should work - I haven't tried it, but so long as a CDU is used I can't at the moment see a problem.
Re cable ties, it depends sometimes you can push a one off wire through without a problem or you have to cut them and replace them. My aim is to have my mimic board as neat and uncluttered as possible so I intend to buy the smallest pushbuttons available and fit one on the heel of each point, with a 3mm LED on each toe.

Are LEDs and holders a standard size so I can mix and match or do I have to buy matching pairs?
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Am I correct in thinking that because it can run both DC and DCC there is more wiring required, or is it just a couple more wires for the DCC bus. All points - Peco Streamline Electrofrog have been fully converted to offer maximum reliably of track power switching - Frog switching, bonding each closure rail to its adjacent stock rail, cutting away the two across gap bonding links under the point and installing droppers to the two stock rails. But they are only cheap at 1p each (100 pack for ?1 at my local market tool stall or even now at the Pound shop).
I had drawn that circuit in my own crude way, then realised that it wouldn't work as the motor would bounce backward and forward. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). They’ve built incredible dispatcher panels controlled impressive layouts and built former tools for the model railroad community. Just finished putting atomic number 49 entirely my leds and dpdt switches into my hold in Panels and close to signals cheers.

All points are analogue operated by a 16 volt ac power supply and a CDU all via push button switches.
How do you know where all the wires go, most of them look the same colour, Green and white.
My control panel is on sliding drawer runway with a hinged flip over down cover You can also see my Lexan CT shields in place on the facia.
How to make an electric automobile train hold in panel with remote sidetrack switches add-on switches turntable controls etc. My HO scale model railway line layout was starting to contour upwards merely I yet had angstrom unit lot of problems with derailments because ane didn’t get it on which state I unexpended the electric model train control panel. I thought I had cracked it recently but then realised that the points would act as a buzzer until the button was released. Meander describing the CDU that drives the turnouts was touched here printed out layout diagram glued it to tack together of plywood and screwed sheet.

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