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With that said, many hobbyist also dread  the prospect of creating scenery, which is in fact the more important part of constructing a layout, and especially if your ultimate goal is to create a realistic representation of an era or time period in the history of railroading.  One of the aspects of a model train layout which is given secondary importance is the backdrop which can literally bring your layout to life, and create the illusion that it is much grander in size than it actually is. Given the importance for adding a backdrop to a layout, the modeler should give attention to how they are going to hang and support their backdrop in conjunction with the construction of the bench work.  This approach will not only save time, and money, it will also help prevent the inevitable disappoint which is sure to occur if this is considered on a secondary level of importance to the layout.
Bonuses: Download and Print a FREE Building made with Model Builder Software Get your copy today and start building! Artists advise you to erect or paint the backdrop before building the benchwork and laying the track.
You can also create the perspective effect directly on the painted backdrop as is evident in this picture from Richard Chrysler's HO scale layout. You can buy commercial backgrounds as I have often done on my Utopia Northern RR layouts over the years.
You'll notice in these photos that Gord doesn't have a lot of headroom in some of these layout locations. Some people use jagged cutout cloud-shaped templates and spray paint the clouds while moving the template. I have found in my travels on layout tours that often the best effect is created by restricting the detail in background painting. Here is an excellent example of fall foliage painted on a background photographed on the CARM 2008 layout tour. Another very effective technique is to combine a painted background with low relief buildings. Here's a clever backdrop divider I photographed on Bill Scobie's layout during the Niagara Frontier Region (NFR) 2008 convention in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
There's an excellent reference "how to" guide available from Kalmbach Books that will answer just about any backdrop question you may have.

If you are curious about the Internet, social media like Facebook and Twitter, and want to know more about what's going on in the wide, wide world up in the clouds, and especially if you have any desire to do something for yourself, I urge you to take a little time to watch the video below. Before I started on the benchwork for the Hudson and Hartford I had decided to paint the walls of the train room to see if I could do it using soem of the techniques I had seen in use. The Blue Ridge and Southern model railroad backdrop was developed out of need and convenience. Photographing commercial backdrops can be tricky because the colors don't alway show well due to the dot pattern from the printing process. I can't visualize the scene well enough, so like most model railroaders the scenery backdrop comes afterwards.The main problem in installing the backdrop first is not getting paint and glue all over the backdrop when you build the foreground scenery later.
The clouds are further apart directly overhead and get closer and closer as they approach the horizon. Some modelers overspray the backgrounds with a light gray wash of paint.With this in mind, try painting some trees. For example, I am over 6 feet tall and my lower benchwork is at 38" and the upper is nominally at 48".
You can also create a 3D effect by mounting some of them on cardboard, foam core, or styrene. Don't forget to add a few birds flying with a little black paint.The photo on the right is my cloud-painting result using foam brushes, sponges and test paint containers. If you don't like the effect, paint over everything with a light gray paint and start again.
I could paint much more detail in my backdrops but I choose not to do so because I like this simple effect.
Gord also used cut-outs of pictures that he affixed directly to the painted background on the cinder blocks.

The sky is bluer overhead and gets progressively hazier and grayer as it gets to the horizon.How do you duplicate this effect? If you have others who come over to play with the trains they may or may not see the scene in the same way. It is also a clever way of avoiding trying to paint buildings or complicated scenes when you don't have the artistic talent (like me).
If you know someone in the billboard advertising business you can try the styrene panels that are used on buses or transit shelters. Gord combines colored photocopies and pictures cut from train magazines, the National Geographic, and any other magazines that have interesting photos and glues them to the wall and to each other. The effect is quite stunning.Gord resizes pictures on a color photocopier to creative perspective making scenes appear much further away.
John Allen was one of the first to use this trick on his famous Gorre and Daphetid ("gory and defeated") model railway. It is best to work in approximately 3-foot sections so the paint doesn't dry on you.Once dry, I used Mini Premier latex low lustre paint with built-in foam brush to create the clouds.
Another brand I've used are labeled Debbie Travis from Trileaf Distribution in Toronto, Canada. What I might do in the future is get some of my old photographs of autumn scenery in the Blue Ridge Mountains, take them into a camera shop and get them blown up and seamed together into something that looks like a model railroad backdrop.

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