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This model railway layout was opened in the year 2014 and it is one of the largest layouts by Marklin. Yes, it is the largest, finest, greatest and biggest model train layout of the Netherlands located in the city of Rotterdam. The model train layout presents a journey from Germany?s Ruhr Valley with its steel and coal industry to Italy. This model railway exhibition is built in HO scale and currently covers an area of almost 600 square meters. But there are model train layouts from Switzerland, from Belgium, from the Netherlands and from Japan, too.
At the beginning of the exhibition the Ruhr Valley is presented before the days of heavy industry.

Holland respectively the Netherlands are presented with coasts, landscapes, railway lines, wind mills, trains, docks, buildings, ships and much more.
A special feature of the videos is that there is no disturbing comment or any background music. Core of the entire model railway exhibition is the port of Rotterdam with container ships, terminal, dry dock, industrial plants and many bridges.
There is always the real and origin sound of locomotives, tracks, trams, trolley cars, railway sleepers and steam locomotives. Enormous amount of space is also devoted to the reconstruction of the city center of Rotterdam and its central station. This is a part of the freight and passenger traffic, which leads from the Ruhr Valley to other regions.

There is also a great central station, where various passenger trains and freight trains meet each other. Finally, the car transport trains reach their destination Italy; shown is the region around Venice with the typical landscape, designed uniquely beautiful with Italian locomotives and cars.

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