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A Victorian Railways streamlined S Class with matching coaches (Spirit of Progress) rolls over the Durilgai River, on Yendys. Or to reply to an individual post, or to include images, attachments and formatted text,click the Quote or Reply buttons on each post above.
The Sydney and Louisburg Railway was a 39-mile common carrier linking the steel-making centre of Sydney with the port of Louisbourg on Nova Scotia's Cape Breton Island by way of Glace Bay and Mira Bay, with branches to various coal mines.
I am really impressed with the old sawmill and will be purchasing many products in the future.
Double 44 Class on the main line, as two Standard goods locos (55 Class and 50 Class) sit with their coal trains, as a green livered 32 class with a mixed goods continues on it's journey after taking on water at the tower. I bet both the crew are thinking how good the cold beer would taste at the Arakoola Hotel in the background.

The boards on the piers gives an indication how deep the water can rise when the rains come..!
This Thomas themed 4 x line U-drive layout, keeps the kids occupied for a measly $1 AU for a 5 minute session.
I was also delighted at the time and effort taken for the children to take part, this should be available at all exhibitions. The S&L was completed in 1895 by the Dominion Coal company, which after 1928 was known as the Dominion Steel and Coal Corporation (DOSCO). The world's largest model railway and one of the most popular tourist attractions in Germany is located next to the Elbe in Hamburg's Speicherstadt.
On July 7, 1967, DOSCO was replaced by a new crown corporation called the Cape Breton Development Corporation (DEVCO), and the remnants of the S&L became known as the Devco Railway.

On more than 1,150 m? model area the Miniatur Wunderland ranges from Scandinavia to the USA, from the coast to the high mountains.
A great way of modelling a main line and branch in one, although looking like two individual layouts. By late 2000, coal hauling by rail on Cape Breton Island was little more than a memory, with only a single mine still operating and the Devco Railway hauling its output to a nearby power generation plant. All told, the S&L owned a total of 1,525 steel, 50-ton and 60-ton hopper cars, all of which were built in Trenton, Nova Scotia, by the Eastern Car Company, Limited, between 1935 and 1951.

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