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The Adelaide Hills will be echoing to the sound of jazz over the June long weekend as SA's premier Hills music festival brings a feast of music to you. SteamRanger have risen to the occasion once again by running Jazz Trains all weekend - for a very modest price you can ride one of Adelaide's classic Red Hen rail cars from Mount Barker to Bugle Ranges. It's a fantastic trip with roaming street bands The Atlantic Street Band or Ready Set Jazz entertaining passengers on the 45 minute journey. Listening to the uplifting jazz while travelling through pretty Adelaide hills countryside is an experience that you won't readily forget, and when the train returns to Mount Barker station passengers spill out still dancing to the music and full of fun. Luckily the station has been licensed for the event, so you will be able to continue on partying on your return.
With the dancing and fresh country air most people find an appetite quickly, and SteamRanger volunteers have cooked up a magnificent tasty New Orleans menu to fit the theme. Coming hard on the heels of the spectacular Festival of Steam, the Jazz Trains will be a brilliant way to spend your long weekend. The Jazz Trains will run at 10am, 12pm, 2pm & 4pm on Saturday and Sunday, On Monday services will be at 10am and 12pm.
To find out more about other events in the Adelaide Hills Hoot Jazz Festival see the Hoot website. WeekendNotes will notify you of the best free community events, concerts, exhibitions, cinema, festivals, and markets in your town or city.

A model or toy fair is definitely no longer somewhere just for children, although many fathers do find kids are useful cover to bring along as they browse the latest in toy technology. The ever increasing range of models for sale about Adelaide means that regular visits to a toy fair are necessary to keep up with the latest. Of course once you have purchased your chosen model(s), you will need accessories and spares, structures and scenery to complement your layout, books and magazines to inform you of recent changes, and maybe even a computer and database to keep track of your entire collection. If modern toys are not your thing, then of course many collectables stores can find you a vintage pedal car or a tin toy plane from the 1950's to add to your collection.
But rather than running all about Adelaide in search of all these goodies, the Toy and Model Swapmeet lets you find all your modelling needs in one convenient place. The swapmeet operates from 10am to 1pm and admission costs just $4, and there will be a large bunch of enthusiasts looking to buy, sell and swap their gear.
More unusual items sometimes include medical and educational kits, TV and historical themed models, and occasionally collections from deceased estates. If you have any interest in toys and models, make sure the Toy and Model Swapmeet is in your calendar as it's only held once each year. Mikron Model RailwaysWe are official stockists for Hornby, Bachmann, Graham Farish, Peco, Woodland Scenics, Gaugemaster, Wills, Ratio, Metcalfe, Humbrol, Superquick and Brio.
This model is a brand new HO scale Athearn GP-38-2 (Athearn Part #77144), it's been modified from stock with correct Canadian details and weathered for a realistic appearance.

Happening over 3 days at scenic Mount Barker, the festival is now so popular that it has spread to surrounding towns. It's available all weekend, and includes Creole soup, jazzed up Frenchies, pecan pie, king cake, and queens pudding. For the rail enthusiasts there is also historic train information, some limited edition souvenirs and art displayed in the station throughout the weekend. While model trains, planes, cars and boats were once pretty much the limit for collectors, now cheap helicopters and even "drones" or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are all easily within an enthusiast's budget. Held at the Windsor Gardens Vocational College gym hall on Sunday November 3, the Toy and Model Swapmeet is organised by the South Australian Railway Modellers Association.
You will be guaranteed to find model trains of all scales - from early steam days to modern times, model road vehicles and boats, plastic kits to assemble, and sometimes even a complete race car collection.
There are typically sixty trading tables at the show, packed full of things to sell or swap. It's a great opportunity to meet other like minded enthusiasts, and pick up a bargain, too.

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