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Area model train clubs are hosting an exhibit this weekend at the Museum of Texas Tech University, 3301 Fourth St. Clubs with model trains and cities representing four different scales — O, HO, N and S — are on display at the museum. Building model train modules or sections of a track can reflect the kind of landscapes the builder likes, which allows for a lot of creativity. Modules are built in accordance with international standards, so modules built by different people can interface. Crawford said the railroad industry is one of the biggest heavy industries in the country, even though there are only four major lines left.
N scale (1:150) model builder Darrell Puckett describes himself as “stingy,” and he creates most of his own buildings, animals and other props for his modules.
The South West Trakers are an informal off-shoot of the Lubbock Model Railroad Association.
Model trains today can be operated with computer software and smartphone apps, such as Engine Driver JMRI Throttle. The Clovis Area Train Society put together a display that is 40 feet by 28 feet and includes a trestle. Regardless of the level of effort and creativity, Jennings and fellow society member Ken Jones said a model train module or layout is never really done. As the girl examined a Lubbock Model Railroad Association model train circling a display table, her stepmother Candi Moates explained not all trains travel in circles. The model train is only one of the train-themed activities the Science Spectrum has to offer during the holiday season, including three model railroad displays, an outdoor train ride and two train-themed films. James Nesmith, administrative manager of the Science Spectrum, said the IMAX-format film “Rocky Mountain Express” has seemed to resonate and appeal to senior adults attending with their grandchildren. Kristen Oliva, a Lubbock resident, brought her 3- and 4-year-old sons to the Science Spectrum on Friday to learn more about trains and see one of the films. The museum’s outdoor train ride, the Caprock Express, was closed Friday afternoon because of the rain, but Nesmith said it was in operation for an hour or so in the morning. Train enthusiast Sam Dyal brought his young children and his parents, to the museum Friday.
Rosemarie Daily was visiting Lubbock from Clarksville and brought her 2-year-old granddaughter to see the trains because she also may want to go on a train trip someday.
Daily said she believes trains are a great mode of transportation — she recently took a train trip from Texarkana to Detroit. The sound of freight trains rushing down railroad tracks can be heard this week in Mahon Library. The displays of trains, complete with the sound effects at Mahon and the tunnels and trestles of the tabletops at Groves, originate with the Lubbock Model Railroad Association. The free displays began Monday and will continue today through Friday and part of the day Saturday during each of the two libraries’ open hours. At Mahon, the realistic sounds of a train come from speakers triggered by a computer chip in the engine of each model train, and the visual effects at Groves include tabletop scenery that range from the 19th to the 21st centuries.

Randel Bittick, who can control the trains with an electronic box, said trains operating at Mahon include the HO and O scales.
According to Curley Bunting, who has been a model railroader for 25 years, the Community Room at Mahon is being filled with the track and trains that are available. Joe Price said the layout at Groves has concentrated on trains of the N scale and a style of module called T-Track. Beverly Crossnoe, who brought her grandchildren, Rachel, Conner and Rebecca Crossnoe, to Groves, said their school, Lubbock Christian, takes an entire class to visit the Alamo. Conner, 7, liked both the modern-day reflector telescope and also the ghost mine from the 19th century. Railroad scenes in the HO scale have been set up at Mahon Library, and trains in the N scale are operating at Groves Library to introduce Lubbock-area residents to the meticulous detail of model railroading during Spring Break. Randy Bittick of the 45-member Lubbock Model Railroad Association, said the displays’ scenery comes from a variety of materials, including plaster cloth and plaster of Paris, among others. Trees for the countryside can be constructed from toothpicks, and believable trees also can be made from small pinecones by sprinkling on an earth blend and sealing it with hair spray. The photograph was later made to conform to the HO scale by the use of a scale ruler, Bittick said. Curly Bunting, a retired City of Lubbock policeman and now a model railroader, plans to search out the lake’s actual location, which he said is somewhere in eastern Oklahoma. The Lubbock Model Railroad Association has extended an invitation to other railroad enthusiasts to bring their HO scale train to the Mahon for a run around the dual track set up in the display. Bittick has an intricate wiring setup under the tables containing the tracks and scenery, which controls the trains. A couple hundred sets of peering eyes are expected to view the display, which will be set up until 5 p.m. Enthusiasts and clubs can cite advantages to each scale, but the goal of model builders is to emulate some aspect of reality. He has cannons built from pieces of toothpicks, wheels from cardboard and trees from sponges.
D’Orsay said with larger scale models a builder can actually add more details, but with smaller scales, like N scale, the more details you can plant in people’s minds.
The Science Spectrum is featuring displays from the Lubbock Model Railroad Association through Jan.
The noise, movement and power have always intrigued him, he said, and he loved riding trains as a boy.
The displays were fascinating for her granddaughter, she said, and complement the holidays.
The eschede train disaster occurred on 3 june 1998, near the village of eschede in the celle district of lower saxony, germany, when a highspeed train derailed and.
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A new rail freight route between zhengzhou in china and hamburg in germany has seen the first train make the 10,214km journey. London to any city in germany from €59 (?46) it's so easy to travel from london to germany by train. And across town at Groves Library, other trains can be seen winding past a model of the Alamo complex as it would have appeared before Santa Anna. For the hat’s crown, he found a rock so tiny that it took up only the center of the sombrero. He has enjoyed getting together with friends and digging for spraypainted rocks that look like gold. Monday, and saw two trains operating around a large display containing rocks and hills, trees and highways, plus an occasional farm near the tracks. She said Cooper also has a train set at home, but the rails are not metal like those at Mahon.
I asked them if they knew what the black stuff was, and they didn’t even know,” Moates said, pointing to a pile of coal in one of the train’s cars.
Model railroader video plus brings the excitement of model trains to you anywhere, any time, and on any device.
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Maglev (derived from magnetic levitation) is a transport method that uses magnetic levitation to move vehicles without touching the ground. Before getting started, it is important to understand the history of model trains and the distinctions between model and toy trains, the many options available, how. Fitted with the new trainchief remote control system by lionel, engineers young and old have.

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