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It’s tough to think of any better place in this state to own and operate a model train shop than the Union Station in Ogden. Even though passenger trains no longer chug through town, Ogden’s rich railroad history remains. One of the happier, little kawinkydinks to result from the emergence of the railroad has been Warren’s Train Shop. In fact, at the beginning of next year, the four partners are planning to expand and move their store into another Union Station space that is more than double the size of their current quarters. Warren’s Train Shop has always been committed to providing its customers with the models, supplies and accessories they desire and it often places special orders to meet the needs of local enthusiasts. Collectors from across the globe, including Australia, Japan and the Arab nations, also purchase model trains and supplies from the shop’s eBay store and its website. These guys are craftsmen, outdoorsmen, operators of heavy machinery … and they get as giddy as little schoolgirls whenever an opportunity presents itself for them to create something with their strong, weathered hands. Some of these guys actually construct entire railroad ecosystems, including trains, tracks, scenery, houses and even coal mines.

That is right folks, I am talking about the interior on a locomotive, and I am not talking about the engine room! Besides basic engine sounds, the locomotive also includes horn and bell sounds, are dryer and compressor sounds, brake sounds, coupler sounds, dynamic brake sounds, radiator fan sounds, and an engine shutdown sequence.
Today I am going to stray from the ordinary Wednesday posts a bit and talk about Amtrak equipment.
Today we are going to take a look at a recent release by Athearn, in their Genesis product line. Supporters of Ogden's Historic Union Station are asking for the public to step up and help them shake $100,000 out of Ogden City, which owns it. This isn't just a historic building, the station houses the Utah State Railroad Museum, the John M. The tracks put this place on the map for better and for worse, bringing increased commerce and an influx of interesting characters and opening the floodgates for rampant prostitution and drunken debauchery until the city decided to crack down on crime. Warren and Dee Holmgren opened this shop in the Union Station in 1986 and ran it for about 20 consecutive years.

That’s good news for die-hard hobbyists because it will free up room for a larger in-store product offering. A well-heeled collector might pay up to $2,000 for a limited-edition handcrafted brass model. At least not in Ogden, where many hobbyists are middle-age men who tend to live on the blue collar side of the tracks. It wouldn’t be that surprising if some of them go so far as to strategically place tiny, little canaries in their tiny, little coal mines.

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