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This site contains free bonus material for people who have purchased the Complete Beginners Guide To Model Trains. On your download page, you would have been given your member link, to access the content on this site. Then contact us here with your order details, so we can send you your special link for the members are of this site. Please note that these layouts need the registered game and sometimes one or more extension packs.
On February 21, 2014 By Justin Last week I posted a couple of pics of a greenhouse that our Canadian scratchbuilder Kim was working on.
About UsAt Model Trains Online it's our job to help you get the very best from the worlds greatest hobby, serving railway modellers like yourself in over 102 countries worldwide! Whether you're new to the world of railway modelling, or your's a seasoned collector and scratch-builder, we hope you'll find our site useful, informative, fun and educational. By Justin On November 16, 2011 · 3 Comments Model Railway Backscenes are sheets of paper printed with realistic photographic or artist drawn landscape pictures that are used give your layout a sense of depth. Digital photography and improved printing techniques allow you to turn your own photographs into bespoke backscenes for your model railway layout. Painting your own backscene is certainly possible if you’re feeling artistic, but remember to be subtle though.
Use the backscene to help identify the region that you are endeavouring to model with your layout. Your backscene should blend seamlessly with the rest of your layout rather than being the most prominent feature. So there you go, hopefully there’s some useful tips there to get you on your way to creating the best and most effective Model Railway Backscene for your layout. On December 13, 2011 By Justin For a while now there has been a huge void in the OO gauge wagon market for a good quality GWR Horsebox, and this new from Hornby for their 2011 range fills the gap just perfectly. On July 8, 2011 By Justin Hot on the tail of last month’s arrival of the BR Blue Warship D827 Kelly, Bachmann has just released a new British Rail Green version OO scale loco, the D867 Zenith Warship.

On July 15, 2013 By Justin Now that the first two baseboard modules are assembled it’s time to sort out the legs.
On July 12, 2013 By Justin The baseboard is a foundation for any model railway, so it needs to be sturdy and strong.
On November 17, 2012 By Justin I bet you didn’t know Ikea did baseboards for model railways did you?
On July 11, 2012 By Barry Wellington Following on from my article on the basic decisions to make when considering a garden railway, the next, and critically important part of the process, is working out your track plan, and subsequently, what types of trackbed you’re going to need. Well he’s nearly finished it now and has sent in a wonderful set of photos and a bit of a guide to building one for yourself. Other than a bit of lichen stuffed into an old toothpaste tube lid, there’s not much else you can do easily that give decent results. We regularly tackle a wide range of railway modelling topics, from baseboard construction to landscaping, track laying to wiring. No longer will it look like a train set running on a piece of flat board, a good quality back scene will transform your layout instantly, giving it the ultimate level of realism.
Either print the images yourself or use a professional online printing company to do them for you. Less detail and less colour is always better than lots of busy detailing which will distract the spectator from the features of your layout.
With careful attention to detail it can be used to depict the Rock type and soil colour of the area you’re modelling.
There are no corners in the sky, so they shouldn’t feature on your layout backscene either.
Don’t forget, if you have any hints and tips on creating your own backscenes, please post them in the comments below.
The 32-051DC model uses exactly the same tooling and presents the usual high standard of finish throughout the model, the very tidy & detailed body shell being very nice indeed.
These very realistic yet budget loads, just like Base Toys road vehicles are very reasonably priced, with each pack costing around ?2.99.

We’ve been looking at various options including bolting them on with coach-bolts & wing nuts to make them easy to remove so that if and when the layout is taken to any shows or used for demonstration, the whole thing will fit in the car! Scrimping on the quality of materials is not usually a good idea, so working on a non-existent budget could be a bit of a challenge! It looks brilliant, and if I can find some time over the coming weeks I may just have a go at one myself.
Unless you’re a scenic whiz and have a ton of resources available in your workshop, most attempts (mine included) fall short of anything that resembles a real potted plant.
If you'd like us to cover a particular topic, just drop us a line and let us know through the contact us page. But I think it’s doable with a bit of thought, cunning and a the help of a few generous souls along the way. Most stores have them and tucked away in a corner somewhere you’ll usually find a rack of sheets of all kinds of wood. The choice of woods available is quite wide ranging, and each has its benefits and its downsides. If you’re shooting your own photos, why not shoot the same area at different times of the year to make interchangeable panels. If you’re modelling the Scottish Highlands, you may well have a very high horizon if your layout is backed by hills and mountains. So lets take a look at what woods there are and the types of baseboards they’re suitable for.

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