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18oz 532ml From a mud puddle to an ocean harbor, Magic Water by Unreal Details makes it easy to add a water feature to your layout.
After the video I posted last week, showing how to make a pond for your layout, Brian sent this photo and description in showing the cattle pond he created for his layout, all the way from down in Johannesburg!
Water features come in all shapes and sizes in the real world, and modelling them in a to a satisfactory level can often be quite challenging when building a model railway layout. I’ve had several requests sent in over the past week asking for tips on how to create realistic waves on your model railway layout.
Using the techniques described in this video it’s possible to create a whole range of effects from raging rapids, to bubbling brooks to choppy lakes in just a few minutes! Following on from my article on the basic decisions to make when considering a garden railway, the next, and critically important part of the process, is working out your track plan, and subsequently, what types of trackbed you’re going to need. For the model railway traditionalist, the long-used staple of wood for a layout base can be carried over to the garden, with a few modifications of course!
In some cases, you’ll want to create a trackbed through the middle of a flower bed or other soil-filled area. Water features are perceived as being one of the hardest things to recreate realistically and effectively on a Model Railway layout. Paint your river bed or lake bed with acrylic or enamel paints before you apply your water fluid.

Add realism to your model railway river or lake by gluing shopping trolleys, old tyres and junk, pebbles, gravel and rocks to the bed before you apply your water fluid. If you’ve never created a water feature on a model railway layout before, try one of Noch or Woodland Scenics water kits, or the Scenic Water from Deluxe Materials.
If you’re using a two part resin fluid, be very careful to mix the fluids in the exact quantities recommended by the manufacturer.
As with all areas of a model railway layout, patience is a key ingredient to achieving realism, so take your time. Well, I hope you find these tips useful when adding water features to your Model Railway Layout. The two-part resin solution requires no heating and can be installed all at once with no layering. Well this great little video from the guys at Model Railroader Magazine show us exactly how it’s done using Woodland Scenics Water Effects.
But like most things, if you break them down into smaller, more manageable chunks, they’re actually not that hard to do.
Whether you’re modelling a fast flowing river, canal, lake or even an ocean, look at how the water flows, which areas are still, how the waves look etc. In real life, there are always reeds, tall grasses, bushes and overhanging branches all along the waters edge.

Build the water up in layers, allowing it to thoroughly dry out before you apply the next one. Whether you’re adding a few small puddles, a garden pond or a huge lake, take your time and it will pay off in the end. Don’t forget, if you have any tips of your own that you’d like to add to this article to help your fellow railway modellers out, feel free to post them in the comments below! So to help you on your way, today we’ve compiled a list of 11 of our favourite tips for adding water features to a model railway layout. A curing time of 12 to 24 hours allows modelers ample time to create realistic ponds, waterfalls or rivers and to add details such as rocks and reeds or ripples and waves. Magic Water will not bubble, crack, shrink or yellow so your scene will continue to look great.

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