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Happy Halloween! Presenting my Monster Wagon for transporting monsters, ghosts, zombies, ghouls to their Halloween haunt.
Advertisement - Continue Reading BelowEarlier this year, Union Pacific quietly ran a record-setting "monster" freight train over its Sunset Route, from Dallas to Long Beach, using the 3.5-mile-long behemoth during a one-time test of new distributed-power configurations that may help make long trains even longer.
Nine General Electric Evolution AC locomotives spaced at intervals using 12-cylinder four-stroke turbocharged diesels, which have greater fuel efficiency and fewer emissions than 16-cylinder two-stroke predecessors. Shorter freights can handle single-track routes and divert onto sidings to let oncoming trains pass.

A potential rolling blockade limited to driving on double-tracked routes because existing sidings are too short to accommodate its length. Just what are monster trains, and how are they different from conventional long-haul freight trains?
Each of the eight unmanned engines was connected wirelessly to the lead train car, also an Evolution, so the group's braking and acceleration could be coordinated. One monster freight takes over 600 18-wheel trucks off the road, but many double-tracked rail lines are currently too narrow to accommodate the girth of the train if another passes by.

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