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Jacob took 2nd place for the boys, followed by Ethan, Daniel, Michael, Matthew, Justin, David, Aiden, and Alexander.
Incidentally, the two runner ups Sophia and Jacob were the top baby names nationwide in 2011. The Health Department’s Bureau of Vital Statistics compiles baby name lists from birth certificates and collects other data, including total births by year and demographic characteristics. The New York City Department of Health has released the list of the most popular names of 2014 and surprisingly the Irish name Liam tops the list in the Latino community.
Not a name you would associate with the Latino community, Liam, has roots in both Ireland and France with the Irish version meaning "harmony in opinion or feeling.a€? Other Irish names that make the list are Michael, popular with caucasians, and Ryan and Aiden, popular with the Asian and Pacific islanders. The city Health Department reported that more than 600 Isabellas were born last year -- fueled by Hispanic births. There were more than 800 Jaydens born and it was the most popular name for blacks and Hispanics. The list was unveiled at a City Hall press conference where Mayor Michael Bloomberg touted new life expectancy figures. NEW YORK CITY a€” For the fourth year in a row Jayden was the most popular baby name for boys in New York City, while three-year favorite Isabella's streak was cut short by the rise of Sophia. Sophia was also the most popular girls name for babies born nationwide last year, according toA the Office of Social Security.

The most uncommon names in New York City were Nyah, Syeda, and Zi for girls and Meyer, Oren, and Zaid for boys.
From girls, Isabella was number one for Hispanic girls, Madison for Black, Emma for White, and Chloe for Asian and Pacific Islanders. NEW YORK CITY - April 8, 2003 - The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) today announced the most popular baby names in New York City for 2001. Girls named Destiny shined as the name made its first appearance on the top-ten list for girls' most popular names, at #9. Among 63,759 boys born in New York City in 2001, Michael came out on top for the 14th straight year, and was also the most popular name for white baby boys.
It may be worth noting that more new names appear on the list of most popular girls' names than on most popular boys' names.
Parents of every baby who receives a birth certificate in New York City also receive information from DOHMH about steps to take to keep their child safe and healthy, including avoiding second-hand smoke, information on sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), immunization schedules, lead poisoning prevention, and window guard information.
Queens came in second with 26,876 births, followed by 20,465 newborns in the Bronx, 19,323 in Manhattan, and 5,519 on Staten Island.
We also  we want to make sure that families are able to bring our newest New Yorkers into a healthy, safe environment,” said Health Commissioner Dr.
Jayden came in seventh in the country while Jacob, third in New York City, was the most popular boy's name in the U.S.

Angelina, Scarlett, Leonardo and Ashton were some of the most common star-studded baby names. Joseph was the most popular among White babies and Ryan was the top name for Asian & Pacific Islander newborns. 1 name for white baby girls, Madison for black girls, and Sophia for Asian girls, while Hispanic baby girls were most likely to be named Isabella.
There were more than 800 Jaydens born, and it was the most popular name for blacks and Hispanics.
The total number of the city's newest New Yorkers declined 1.4%, with 123,029 babies born last year compared to 2010's 124,791.
Austin, Sydney, Israel and Brooklyn were all in the top 150, as were Summer, Autumn, and Wynter, according to Health Department data.
IsabelleThe Times also reported some of the more unusual names including Baily Cloud Isaac Blue, Portia Gabriel, Francesca India SiobhA?n, Lola Skye, Odile Delme Rose, Silas Finbar, and Tarka Valentine Mary. They also observed that a shift to more unusual names has seen no Marys, Margarets or Johns in 2015, but there was a strong Irish tone in the announcements this year including Doireann, A‰lodie BrA­d, Fiadh, Odhran, RA?ise, RA?isA­n CA?t Tuong, and SA?sanna.

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