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Proto-Effect Sounds — Freight engines include Freight Yard Proto-Effects, a symphony of freight terminal sounds. These GP38-2 Ready-to-Run train sets include everything you need to get started, all in one box: train, track, power supply, and handheld remote control. Proto-Sound 3.0 sound and control system that allows your locomotive to run on any HO layout operating with ordinary analog DC, DCC command control, or our own DCS digital command system.
MTH HO 80-3222-1 Norfolk and Western 4-8-4 J class steam freight set includes a powered Norfolk and Western 4-8-4 J class #600, and 6 Norfolk and Western freight coal hopper cars. A visit to the Norfolk & Western in the early 1950s was like a scene from Jurassic Park: prehistoric beasts romping in their natural mountain habitat. Built in several groups between 1941 and 1950, a mere fourteen J's were able to handle 80% of the N&W's passenger traffic, because their designers addressed one of steam power's key weaknesses: down time for maintenance and repairs.

HO sets are fully compatible with all other brands of HO trains and can serve as the foundation of an HO empire.
This is the same electronics package found in our top-of-the-line locomotives, featuring locomotive speed control for steady speeds regardless of hills and curves, as well as crystal-clear digital sounds that include horn, bell, authentic EMD diesel motor, Freight Station Proto-Effects, crew conversations, and atmospheric sounds. The Norfolk and Western freight coal hopper car set includes road numbers 22046, 22049, 22022, 22036, 22038, and 22010.
At a time when other roads were letting their remaining steam engines rot away and giving them minimal service in dirty, dingy, soon-to-close facilities, the N&W was still running a first-class steam operation and even building new power. Handsome, powerful (5100 hp), and, as a test on the Pennsylvania Railroad proved, capable of hauling 15 cars at 110 mph, it was designed and styled not by one of the big three builders (ALCo, Baldwin, and Lima) or a famous designer like Raymond Loewy or Henry Dreyfuss, but by the N&W's home-grown team of designers and craftsmen at the road's Roanoke, Virginia shops.
Equipped with Timken roller bearings on all axles and rods, Timken-designed lightweight pistons and rods, and an automatic lubrication system that reached more than 200 points including the bell bearings, the Js were designed to go a quarter-million miles between scheduled shop visits.

With its main line through some of the nation's richest coalfields, it was still betting on the future of steam; as late as 1955, the N&W didn't roster a single diesel. For power and quick acceleration through mountainous territory, and to make room for the largest possible boiler, they equipped the streamlined J with 70" drivers - unusually small for a 4-8-4 and fully 10" smaller than the Southern Pacific's Daylight GS-4 of the same wheel arrangement. Like a race car, they were engineered for quick pit stops: in less than an hour, a J could be fully serviced, lubricated, filled with coal and water and ready for its next dash over the road's 676-mile main line between Norfolk and Cincinnati, hauling the deluxe daylight Powhatan Arrow or the overnight Pocahontas. The Proto-Speed Control built into Proto-Sound locomotives acts like the cruise control on a car, keeping your train moving at the speed you select, regardless of hills and curves.

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