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Awesome Customer Service: On my O-gauge train layout, the Mayfair Diner with its animated sign - the buzzy 'E' always draws raves from onlookers.
I e-mailed Miller Engineering to see if I could buy a new sign face without all the circuitry. Murphy's Law On A Small Scale: On my O-gauge train layout, I run a Philadelphia PCC trolley car. Whoever thought that something as simple as bulb replacement could be so time-consuming and complicated?
Hope It Arrives In Time For Christmas: I've been very fond of Entenmann's, especially their chocolate-covered donuts.
I just ordered a special blue and white Lionel Entenmann's Commemorative vat car in O-gauge for my train layout.
The Lionel-made freight car features die-cast metal sprung trucks, Entenmann's logo script on each of the four vats (sugar, butter, flour, chocolate) and will come in a unique Entenmann's-style white box with blue trim. Update: On December 1st, my Lionel Entenmann's Commemorative vat car in O-gauge arrived at my front door. Toyland Revisited: Recently, I was re-reading an excellent book, 'All Aboard,' the story of Lionel trains. By 1953, Sears was offering its own brand of O-gauge - Happi-Time (later rebranded as Allstate) - which offered similar features at one-half the price of a comparable Lionel train. Secondly, the increased popularity of smaller-sized HO scale trains - which took up less space - stole business from Lionel. Then there were the battery-operated 'electronic' toys (things like space toys and robots) of the mid-Fifties which took a substantial share of the toy market. None of these products were a threat to Lionel in pre-WW II (and even early postwar) America when Lionel was king of the toy market. A Big Thank You to the folks at Miller Engineering, makers of Light Works USA scale model neon signs. When I was putting up the trains this year, I couldn't get the animated Elephant Car Wash sign to work. The Elephant Car Wash animated sign on the front of the layout compares well with the real thing (day and night) in Rancho Mirage, CA. You can see the sign, as well as other Light Works USA products on the YouTube video posted on the main page of my train layout website. Another Dead Brand: Lionel Trains has announced that the end of 2010 will also mark the end of K-Line products. K-Line was always positioned as an economy brand in the O-gauge train market, the successor to the old Marx line of trains. I have several K-Line items on my model train layout, including a Pennsylvania Railroad Electro-Motive MP-15 diesel yard switcher. There's also what Purkey considers the general difficulty of running a business, especially retail, in Maryland.
He had a large N scale layout and also reportedly collected HO scale stuff as well as Lionel.
His Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad themed layout was featured in a 1990 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman. According to TMZ, the former child actor originally planned to leave almost all his worldly possessions to three model train shop stores, Allied Model Trains, The Original Whistle Stop, and The Train Shack in LA.
All Aboard: At Christmas time, stories about trains (toy trains, model railroading, The Polar Express and Thomas the Tank Engine) move to the forefront in the minds of many wanna-be railroad engineers - young and old. Most people know Thomas and his friends from the television series produced using handmade O-gauge model trains filmed on 70+ detailed sets in a hangar-sized studio. The layout includes a single train - a basic Lionel New York Central Flyer locomotive and rolling stock, an eighty-watt transformer and a figure eight loop of track. How Not To Start A Business: Regular readers of my blog know that I'm a fan of small business and would probably enjoy traveling back in time and having a cocktail with George F.
As someone who has owned and successfully operated a few businesses, I always want new ones to succeed. Recently, I read an article about a new business in my area - a model train hobby shop, no less - which is less than five miles from my house.
Lionel's new dealer policy apparently allows only the largest (10 to 15) mega-dealers to buy direct. Of course, Lionel is doing this in order to reduce expenses, hoping for savings in warehouse, sales and inventory costs. The company had 2008 sales of $165 million but struggled to make payroll for its 650 employees. Disgusted With Lionel: When I put up my Christmas train layout in 2008, I could not get the Lionel animated kiddie swing set to work. Add this incident to my experience with the Lionel Automatic Gateman which required constant repairs, jammed often (despite a lot of adjustment and lubrication) and died after only three years. My Lionel Pumping Station which came from the factory with the World's Worst Solder Joints. Caboose Story: On the mountain section of my train layout, next to the HO trolley tracks, is a lone Reading caboose. The Train Has Left The Station: Mountain Trains and Hobbies of Manchester, NH, a landmark city hobby store popular with model train enthusiasts, closed its doors after more than a quarter century in business. Model Train Market Data: There are some interesting market data in the recent Lionel bankruptcy plan.
Competitor MTH Trains is estimated to have $30 mm in annual sales, while Lionel's other competitors, Williams, Atlas O and Weaver, together earn 5 to 10 million dollars a year. K-Line filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in August, 2005 and dismissed most of its employees in December.
I have several K-Line items, including a PRR EMD yard diesel, a nice set of K-Line PRR 'Spirit of St. Rocky Rails: In August, K-Line Trains - maker of O-gauge toy and model trains - filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.
Lionel claimed that documents found on a computer taken from the home of one of its engineers, who has since been fired, showed that he was supplying K-Line with information about Lionel speed-control circuits, a starter-set transformer, and an entry-level sound system.

If you have model trains, you might - for authenticity's sake - want to put a scale-model courthouse on your layout.
Investment On Rails: An article in the New York Times suggests that the Lionel over-and-under set - a notoriously unpopular 1960 offering featuring O-gauge trains running on trestles above a matching HO train set - may now be worth $100,000. I'm not an expert on the toy train market but I find it hard to believe that stolen drawings alone could cause such a precipitous drop in sales for MTH. As far as I can tell, toy train manufacturers have failed to draw post-boomer adults into the hobby. Brooklin, Western Models, SMTS and Mini-Marque - all based in England - dominated the market. UP admits that the royalty payments will not cover UP's costs of administration and enforcement. A Cradle To Rock: As a youngster, I enjoyed playing with Lionel trains during the Christmas holidays. As a college student, I spent part of Christmas break one year helping to construct a large, Lionel layout in a friend's basement.
In 2000, I put together a large, three-level train layout for use at Christmastime because my grandson is a train fan. HO-Scale Birth Control: Marklin, a 145-year-old German maker of model trains, is packing a condom alongside a blue, HO-scale freight car emblazoned with the name of Blausiegel, a German condom maker.
The facts presented in this blog are based on my best guesses and my substantially faulty geezer memory.
Spelling, punctuation and syntax errors are cheerfully repaired when I find them; grudgingly fixed when you do. If I have slandered any brands of automobiles, either expressly or inadvertently, they're most likely crap cars and deserve it.
If I have slandered any people or corporations in this blog, either expressly or inadvertently, they should buy me strong drinks (and an expensive meal) and try to prove to me that they're not the jerks I've portrayed them to be. The Southern Pacific (Daylight) passenger 5 car set includes a baggage coach car #3302, a chair car #2486, a parlor car #3001, an observation car #2953, and a tavern car #103112. MTH Rail King O 30-72125 Western and Atlantic railroad 19th century gondola car is painted black and dark brown with a rivet and wood detailing. I can't say enough good things about the fine folks at Miller Engineering, makers of Light Works USA scale model neon signs.
One of the two bayonet-style bulbs used to light the interior of the trolley had burned-out.
A Marx two-level metal service station (with parking on the upper level, a car elevator, 'down' ramp and several molded plastic cars) was only $2.98.
Early post-war Marx trains were pretty lame compared with Lionel - mostly lithographed tin - but by the mid-1950s, Marx was producing some pretty decent stuff with detailed, injection-molded plastic bodies.
The addition of some operating accessories and smoking steam engines made HO fun to play with. It's nice that they're back - with more manufacturers to supply a much greater variety of O-gauge train choices, including a revived Lionel. But now, the O-gauge market is shrinking, because of the economy and the aging of the customer base.
Williams, another supplier of budget O-gauge trains was acquired by Bachmann Industries in 2007. The average age is early to mid-fifties, and kids are getting into trains at too slow a pace to replace the number getting out.
Smaller hobby shops (Lionel Authorized Value Added Dealers) must purchase from distributors or megas-dealers.
The downside - a big one - is that Lionel will become yet another step removed from the ultimate customer and will have less feel for what customers want. Recently, Lionel CEO Jerry Calabrese has made it very clear that marketing to mass merchandisers is now a priority.
In addition to its well known HO-scale line, Märklin GmbH also produces G-scale LGB garden railway trains. Kingsbridge Capital of Britain and New York investment bank Goldman Sachs bought Märklin in 2006. After screwing around with it for an hour, I finally discovered that the internal resistor which keeps the swing speed at a reasonable rate was apparently fried. I have had more trouble with Lionel-made crap than any other brand of O-gauge railroading product.
The rise of video games and related electronic pursuits, along with less interest in model-building, have all made the industry a tough go.
For instance, Lionel estimates there are 300,000 model train consumers in the United States who spend $300 million a year on the hobby.
Lionel is taking control of the K-Line brand, its tooling, its inventory of unsold products and other assets from Sanda Kan Industrial, the Chinese manufacturer that was K-Line’s principal supplier of trains and related products. Earlier, both Lionel and K-Line reported that a settlement had been reached concerning a lawsuit filed against K-Line, accusing the company of wrongly incorporating Lionel technology into its products. Interest in toy trains dwindled in the 1970s but picked up again when many baby boomers began collecting train sets again as deep-pocketed adults during the 1980s.
Maybe now that pre-boomers and boomers are getting older and downsizing, they are buying fewer trains.
In the 1980s and early 1990s, small companies were producing limited-edition, expensive models of automobiles in 1:43 scale. Later, Franklin Mint and Matchbox got in the game, adding expensive little models to their line.
UP has already filed suit against Lionel (O-gauge) and Athern (HO-gauge), causing much ill will toward Union Pacific from train hobbyists. This stupid move is further proof that there are too many corporate lawyers with not enough to do. The second half includes visits to other modeler's layouts, a horrible train trip to Florida on Amtrak and conversations with a train wholesaler and a magazine publisher. Each layout featured included an interview with the modeler in which he described his goals, dreams and techniques in model railroading.

Over the years, I built several layouts first for my younger brother, later for my children.
The layout is on casters and is moved from garage storage into the living room using ramps.
In early November, we brought the train platform inside and used the new cradle to rotate it. The model boxcar and condom, which retail for $35, are packaged in a sleek, brushed-metal container the size of a cigar box.
The opinions expressed herein are strictly those of the author and are protected by the U.S. Automobile manufacturers should be aware that they always have the option of trying to change my mind by providing me with vehicles to test drive.
Thinking that replacing the bulb would be a snap, I disassembled the model streetcar, only to find that the lamp was stuck tightly. Luckily, the good folks at Whistle Stop Trains in East Portland, were willing to physically test bulbs for me (while I waited on the phone) until they found one that burned brightly at 6 volts. My miniature transit company will be ready to resume operations when the train layout goes up next month. This was a lot of bucks in those days, probably equivalent to about $7-800 in today's money. The Sears catalogs in the early 1950s, carried a lot of imported litho'd tin and clockwork toys from two of our former enemies - Germany and Japan.
They are eye-catching and I get a lot of favorable comments from people who have seen the layout.
The first thing Bachmann did was raise prices, just as Atlas did when they acquired Industrial Rail - another maker of low-priced O-gauge stuff - in 2006. Unfortunately, those days are long gone; so is Davis Trains of Milford, Ohio - the hobby retailer that sold it to me.
Discounts for small hobby shops will most likely be substantially reduced, making their survival a bigger struggle. I guess that stripped-down, low margin starter sets will be available at Target, K-Mart, et al while the specialty, high-margin stuff will disappear. Lack of parking and a crime-ridden downtown have also been mentioned as possible contributors.
Under a licensing agreement, Lionel will market and sell K-Line products as part of the Lionel line. Lionel listed $55 million in debts, including $30 million to what appears to be a South Korean subcontractor, and assets of $42 million. Then the market got saturated - people had bought every model they wanted and their display cases were full. MTH is disliked by some Lionel collectors because of its aggressive marketing and legal tactics.
While Posey is a good writer and clearly conveys his love of model trains, I found the second half far less engaging than the first part of the book.
In early post-WWII Philadelphia, it was common for neighborhood dads to compete with one another to build the largest, or most spectacular model train layout for their sons to enjoy. The packaging offers no instructions on placing the railroad car on a track but does have illustrated instructions on using the condom. Finally, with the help of a ancient rubber jar-opener and a jeweler's screwdriver, I managed to extract the old bulb from its socket.
This older trolley (with Philadelphia SEPTA markings and color scheme) was a non-talker (not equipped with MTH Protosound) and apparently had a higher-voltage can motor than my newer Philadelphia Transit Company talking version. But the final nail in Lionel's coffin was road race sets which began to appear in 1960 or so. The camera incorporates an inverted periscope and can get down to within 1 inch of the track. Märklin closed a major factory in 2007 - part of a downsizing that led to the loss of 400 jobs.
While pre-sale response has been terrific, there are now doubts as to whether Lionel can meet production demands and have sets delivered in time for the holidays.
That could be a problem, as far as those guys going away," said Andy Edelman, vice president for marketing at MTH Electric Trains. Matchbox Collectibles disappeared, Franklin Mint downsized and many of the smaller producers either closed or became shadows of their former selves.
The title is great and Sam Posey is a legendary car guy - a former Indianapolis and Grand Prix driver turned Emmy-winning ABC sportscaster. These layouts had landscaping, mountains, tunnels, buildings and operating accessories such as crossing gates, coal car dumpers and the like.
While the author gives his reasons why Lionel declined in popularity, I have my own thoughts. MTH is entering the HO train market as well and will begin offering product by Spring 2005. But MTH is widely credited with bringing innovations into a hobby that had changed very little since the 1950s.
But, for me, the biggest problem with the book is that there are no photos of trains or layouts. Even though I never bought anything - Märklin trains were waaaay beyond my limited income from cutting neighbor's lawns, I studied the catalogs endlessly. The company also introduced a high-quality budget line, RailKing, forcing competitors to lower prices. The book is about his love of model trains, beginning with the Lionel sets he had as a child and culminating in his 16-year task of recreating the Colorado Midland Railway in HO scale.

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