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Product Copy: MTH is proud to reintroduce a new generation of O Gauge tinplate lovers to the classic looks of the 800 series freight car. The flip page format also allows viewers to search through the catalog using key words, zoom in on items, print individual pages and email favorite pages to your friends and family. The RailKing ES44 locomotive is a near-scale model measuring a full 17" in length, yet operates comfortably on O-31 curves.
In 2015, we continue our history of helping with the release of our Cancer Awareness ES44 Diesel Set. First announced in 2014, the app will be available in three versions, the first two of which (a FREE version with control of 3 locomotives and limited features and a $4.99 STANDARD version with full locomotive control) will be the only versions available.
The DCS app will allow operators to control an entire layout in command or conventional modes without using a DCS handheld remote.
The 3rd Edition of The DCS Companion includes more than 70 additional pages, or nearly 43% more information than the original edition. Tools for doing these tasks are all located in the toolbar on the left side of the flip page catalog.
Electric Trains will be attending the NMRA National Train Show on August 28 - 30, 2015 at the Portland Exposition Center in Portland, Oregon.
Electric Trains 35th Anniversary Celebration Give-Away is Harold Weinberg of Lexington, Kentucky. Future drawings will include RailKing O Gauge products, Premier Line O Scale products, HO products, RailKing One-Gauge G Scale products, S Gauge products and Tinplate items.
Entries must be submitted by midnight Saturday, August 22, 2015 in order to be eligible for this week's drawing. Electric Trains we're releasing a specially decorated, limited production RailKing O Gauge ES44 Diesel and matching Steel Caboose in stunning pink decor.
Electric Trains has long supported various charities throughout our 35 year history and from time-to-time we've released limited production runs of special locomotives and rolling stock to raise funds for those organizations.

Under the hood is the very same Proto-Sound 3.0 sound and control package found in our more expensive Premier model of this locomotive, with sounds recorded from the actual prototype. Electric Trains has published it's first smartphone and tablet app for controlling a DCS layout wirelessly to the Apple App Store and Google Play stores and is now available for download on the Google Play store. The $24.99 PREMIUM version, which provides the user with full DCS control and more, will follow shortly thereafter.
A TIU (Track Interface Unit) along with the separately sold DCS WIU is required for app control over the layout.
Electric Trains 35th Anniversary Celebration Give-Away is Michael Sterbens of Quartz Hill, California. Entries must be submitted by midnight Saturday, October 31, 2015 in order to be eligible for this week's drawing. Like their other Tinplate Traditions series bretheren, the 800 series cars are constructed entirely of stamped metal components. This week's feature will focus on select Premier Line offerings including the 4-4-0 American Steam Engine and matching Passenger Car Sets, 2-Bay Centerflow Hopper, 50' Ps-1 Box Car, Bay Window Caboose, Extended Vision Caboose and Standard Tank Car. This new format allows you to page through the catalog as if you were turning the pages of the printed version. The matching caboose includes die-cast metal couplers, lighted interior and a hand painted brakeman figure inside the cupola.
Our 911 locomotive and cars brought much needed assistance to the first responders' families after the tragic loss of life of their loved ones following the terrorist attacks. Additional Imperial features include operating diesel exhaust smoke, flashing ditch lights and colorful charging lights running the length of the body. Any Android tablet or phone and Apple iPhone or iPad will bring the DCS Digital Command System to life in a way never thought possible when first paired with a DCS remote control. Simply plug the module into the TIU, search for its WiFi signal on the phone or tablet, and begin running a DCS layout in command mode in no time.

If you missed out on the initial release, orders for both the soft cover and the digital download can now be placed online. L TIU and additional ways to work with switch tracks and accessories, the book also includes a completely new section on the DCS WiFi App. Each car features black oxide finished trucks, truck journal boxes and box couplers for that authentic look and feel of yesteryear. And, our Hurricane Katrina compilation helped the Red Cross manage the incredible devastation wreaked on the New Orleans area following the storm's landfall. Controlled by the Proto-Sound 3.0 microprocessor, the lights automatically reverse direction upon a direction change. Electric Trains for $399.95 (plus freight) by contacting our Sales Department at 410-381-2580. The DCS software release is a free download and will include a new DCS Loader program required to install DCS Version 5.0 into the TIU.
Equally at home behind the MTH 260E, 263E or any other large O Gauge locomotive, these stunningly attractive freight cars add color and variety to any O Gauge layout or Christmas Garden.
Their mesmerizing effect is quite impressive when running in a darkened room and is sure to excite all who see it run.
Electric Trains President Mike Wolf – maintains an A+ charity rating and is the highest rated breast cancer organization in the United States.

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