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The standard bearers for EMD, newly independent and no longer a division of General Motors, are its 70 Series road freight engines, the SD70M-2 (shown here) and the SD70ACe.
Both locomotives are powered by a two-cycle, 16-cylinder, 4300-horsepower model 710 prime mover and have a top speed of 70 mph. While AC traction motors put more tractive effort on the rails and enable an SD70ACe to start a heavier train with the same horsepower, that additional capability comes at a cost.
AC-powered locomotives are both more expensive and more electrically complex than engines with DC traction motors, which most diesels have used since the 1940s. For that reason, the Norfolk Southern and Canadian National have found the SD70M-2 more suitable to their needs, and both roads roster large DC fleets.

Proto-Sound 3.0 equipped locomotives can be controlled in command mode with any DCC compliant command control system. While the user won't have access to all of the incredible features of Proto-Sound 3.0, independent control over the locomotive is possible.
This means you can continue to use your existing DCC controller to independently control your other DCC equipped locomotives in addition to your Proto-Sound 3.0 locomotive on the same track at the same time. All trademarks and copyrighted material within these web pages, remain the property of their respective holders.
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