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Folks, I have just left Yr 11 and i am starting an Apprenticeship in August - September, I am planning in my spare time to build a N gauge Model railway which needs to be small enough and portable to allow me to take it to shows ect, if ever needed. And they say that the editor for TS is hard - and that one livery DLC is a rip off, hahaha.Seriously, I'm not very experienced but all the best. If it is to demonstrate your skills as a scenic-modeller then the railway part becomes somewhat secondary as the surroundings will take pride of place. If you are happy to shunt in a small yard then you can make a virtue of a very compact but realistic layout.

If showing off a collection of rolling stock is your thing then you will need something considerably bigger with loops of track and a hidden fiddle yard. Some people go for cramming the maximum amount of kit into the least possible space so I've seen a complete layout in a child's suitcase, though it was hardly realistic.There is a lot to think about. How much of the layout can you manage to move without major dismantling, which is bound to cause damage sooner or later, or having to make special arrangements for transport? How much money are you prepared to spend - the sky being the limit?Take your time and plan - and cost!

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