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Amfleet I: During its beginnings, Amtrak inherited its passenger cars from other railroads.
Amfleet II: Introduced in 1981, the Amfleet II (sometimes affectionately called “Amtube” by enthusiasts due to its distinct, rounded form) was introduced right in the middle of the EMD F40PH’s life cycle in Amtrak service. Viewliner I Sleeper: The Viewliner sleeper came into service around the same time as the Amfleet II, providing sleeping accommodations for Amtrak’s trains on such routes as the Lake Shore, Cardinal, Silver Star, and others. 7 Slot bookcase that can be used to hold the base set along with an additional two Amfleet cars. 7 Slot bookcase that can be used to hold the base set along with an additional two Amfleet cars and a single locomotive such as the EMD SDP40F or Amtrak GG1.
Hangar style case, easy to pick up for beginner modelers looking to begin modeling Amtrak's single level trains. Amtrak, Amfleet and viewliner are registered service marks of the National Railroad Passenger Corporation. Amtrak has never been adamant about keeping its phases separate, adopting more of a "what do we have available?" approach to choosing its consists. Kato is just the best, the track is easy to work with,the engines are nicely detailed,and M T S,has the best prices.The M T S ,staff ,I have talked to cannot be more friendly,and helpful,two great companies.
The Superliner I fleet was built in 1979 by Pullman Standard and were based on the famous Budd built Hi-Levels operated by the Santa Fe railroad for their "El Capitan" all-coach train.

The Superliner II fleet was introduced in 1990 as Amtrak's next generation of its now ubiquitous Superliners. Budd Hi-Level Cars: The Budd-built Hi-Level cars had a great influence on Amtrak's passenger service, revolutionizing economy coach travel with their double-decker design.
Amtrak and Superliner are registered service marks of the National Railroad Passenger Corporation.
Old, steam heated and in dire need of upgrades, Amtrak set out to replace these cars in 1973 with the purchase of the first Amfleet cars from Budd. Boasting larger windows and more comfortable seating conditions, the Amfleet II was designed for longer distance travel than its predecessor, the Amfleet I, while still retaining the versatility that its single-level height could provide over its taller, double-decker Superliner brethren. Together, the Amfleet II and Viewliner car series provide necessary overnight train service from Chicago, to New York, and even down to Florida and New Orleans. Phase IV cars behind a Phase V locomotive, or mixing Phase III and Phase IV cars in the past, is not an unheard-of practice.
102 Superliner I coaches were built, and 48 Superliner I coach-baggage combination cars with a secure baggage hold instead of lower-level seating. Visually very similar to their older cousins, the Superliner II's have a host of mechanical and electrical improvements to their design as well as construction.
Even after the advent of the Superliner car, many of these Budd cars remained in service, in particular the "Step-Down" coach originally used to transition between single level and hi-level cars on the "El Capitan".

This initial batch of 492 cars were the Amfleet I - with a door and vestibule on either end (unlike their single-doored successor), these cars fell into a few different varieties but essentially broke down into coach and dinette variants. For transportation of bulk items, trains would run with cars known as "Material Handling Cars" cargo carrying freight cars which would run either on the nose or tail of a consist. One of the new styles of car introduced with this new generation of cars was the "Transition Sleeper", or "Transition Dormitory" car. These cars, along with de-skirted (for easier maintenance) Santa Fe Baggage cars, were a staple on all Superliner trains up to the introduction of the Superliner II car in 1990.
Despite the introduction of their newer cousins, Amfleet I's are still in use by Amtrak, primarily for shorter distance routes.
Intended to replace the aging High-Level Step Down cars, the Transition Sleeper fulfills a similar role by having high and low level diaphragms on either end of the car as well as having on-board crew accommodations.

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