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Id like to purchase a brass locomotive and was curious where is a good place to purchase one from.
These super detailed models were a runaway hit in the past and feature near-brass detail and Tsunami sound decoders. Bobby Hall (a wonderful woman) offered replacement gears,but these haven't been found for years. I see the jest now, Ive actually learned a lot from this thread like brass isnt always what it's cracked up to be and it isnt all prototypical correct either.

The new run should be available at your local dealer or hobby store in December with an MSRP of $479 for the Challenger and $499 for the Big Boy.
TexNrails has been buying several collections recently and had about 100 N-Scale pieces at the NTS. There is, or rather, was no free lunch.Some models may have been produced in the manner you are looking for, such as some later Hallmark production. Todays brass is considerably improved,but pricey,most locomotives run very smoothly,but you pay for the quality, and in some cases the model.

As an owner of quite a few brass items over the years,some of which I do not operate any more ,FT diesels for example,I say buy it if you like it,but early brass has a poorer operating ratio.

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