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The lowest level on my new layout is a 10-track staging yard and I wanted to ensure that I had great access to the trains there in case of problems and for any maintenance such as track cleaning. I already had a fair amount of Kato Unitrack curved double track sections I had picked up for my previous layout (although they were not used) and the radius of those track sections was perfect for the space I had for the helix. On past layouts I had built my own helix out of thin plywood and had used the great helix kits from Noch but in keeping with my lightweight goal I wanted to try to see if Gatorboard could be used to build a strong but lightweight helix. I took a break from construction after the first turn was complete and temporarily hooked up the track to my ESU ECoS command station and ran a number of test trains from staging to the helix to ensure the trains I wanted to eventually run could handle the 2.5% grade. It is nice to know this building is still standing and is now a Future Plans for the Magnolia N Scale Model Railroad Layout: An old railroad layout.
Scale model plans for HO Scale , N Scale, and soon to be added O Scale model railroad buildings and structures.

Tutroials, Editorials, N, HO, On30, G scale and 15 Posts from the ‘Scale Plans’ Category August 1, 2008 Building a 4 Lane Concrete Street in HO scale.
To start I used some basic math to calculate how much height I could gain with each helix turn with a 2.5 percent grade. Even my my smaller and lighter locomotives were able to handle appropriately sized trains so I continues with construction.  Testing also help me find and fix a section of Unitrack where one track joiner had fallen off during construction (leaving a section of track dead) before the helix was complete! If it I was not happy with it I was ready to rebuild it with a thin plywood base but the end result turned out to be far stronger than I had hoped for and also extremely lightweight. You can start with any of our building plans that open in the scale you choose ; Or, just use the materials in Model.
N Scale N scale DPM ® structures include Building Kits, Gold Kits and the Modular System that modelers use to build custom structures.

Structures and Buildings Where some railroads had minimum standards and a general design, most. At the time I was building a small N scale mining layout, but my visit to New York inspired me to junk it and begin plans for my grand city named Hudson.

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