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N scale - Code 55 or code 80 TracksChoice you like to make which track and Turnouts you like to used depends on your rolling stock. I make no judgements as to others' choices of track, but I am clearly committed now to Atlas code 55. Because the Atlas code 55 requires RP25 wheel contours (and so many N scale companies provide the oversized flanges) we'll probably stick with code 80 for the unit raffle layout.
I never understand why so many people were afraid about the flanges of old models with code 55.
Now I use Micro Engenering code 55 Flextrack and Fastrack homemade turnouts and the tiny's are still running without any problems. They have been heavily modified, remotorized and are DCC but I never managed to changes the loco wheels.
If we could get the manufacturers to adhere to NMRA S-4.2 standards and RP-25 recommendations then there would be no reason why Code 40 could not become the standard for N-Scale railroading. It was at this time that I made my first trip out onto the desert and brought home a couple of buckets of sand from out of a dry wash and strained out the larger stones.

Someone a couple of years ago indicated an intent to develop a Code 45 rail for N-Scale; nothing, apparently, has ever come of this. I had been using Codes 83 and 70 on my last HO-Scale endeavor and the more I looked at that Code 80 track the more grotesque it became.
I'm not sure what brand you are using but your ballast blends very nicely with your flex.
I don't recall him saying whether this wire had been drawn to his individual specifications or was an off-the-shelf item but it does serve to show that, with patience-and-elbow-grease, N-Scale is coming of age. I would hope that before you confined it to history you would post up a photo-spread here on the forum.. New scale models are more correct on scale and low metal wheels flanges so you have no problems with code 55 tracks. If you used old  rolling stock and Code 55 track is the chance big your wheels flanges bumping on the track sleepers molded spike heads. With the shrinking of N-Scale flanges to a more prototypical depth, I am giving serious thought to going with Code 55 and Code 40 when, down the road apiece, I get around to building a new layout -- which will, because of my advancing age, probably be my last.

See picture left side you see a Peco code 55 track have inside spikes head lower than the oudside spikes. Thanks to design of peco code 55 track molded invisible part of rails in track sleeper keep this also stronger on his place.Atlas code 55 tracks max.
You need to have correct low metal wheels flange!Test some tracks and Turnouts out before you buy all your tracks!American trains and Europe trains can have also different wheels flange because Europe trains factories don't used NMRA norm to make there models correct on scale. But still you can have an option run N scale old models on Peco code 55 tracks or code 80 tracks.

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