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Commonly called a "Mogul" this 2-6-0 wheel arrangement was principally used on tender locomotives in the USA and Europe.
Bachmann locomotives more frequently than not have ended up as stationary displays on my layout in past years. Adding another axle to the 4-4-0 design gave the Ten-Wheeler extra tractive power to haul heavy loads up mountainous terrain, making it a great all-around train for freight and passenger service.

These locomotives were widely built in the US from the early 1860s to the 1920s, although examples were built as early as 1852-53. After a recent write-up in Model railroader and seeing one at a St.Louis Model RR show I took the plunge. Not tried DCC yet, but it runs well at DC: slow to faster with a top speed typical for prototype.

It's funny to see two SD40-2's with 50 cars pull off on a siding so this little guy can go by.

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