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Beginning with this issue, this Scrapbook will be 800 pixels wide, allowing larger photographs and better coverage of the layouts.
Traversers (transfer tables) are an easy and useful way to move cars, locomotives or even entire trains from track to track behind the scenes.
This appealing Gn15 shelf layout is being built by Alexander Losch, from Elfershausen in Bavaria, Germany. Brian explains, “At the back (hidden by that rear building) are two staging tracks that feed to a transfer table (traverser) in the brick building to the right.
The gantry crane (center rear) is fed by a stub-end spur track accessed by the transfer table (visible at the right rear).
Alloa Goods was built by Jeff Taylor, from Hull, England, for a competition that limited size to 654 square inches (about 4.5 square feet).
As a reminder that time is getting short to finish up those holiday train displays, here’s a small shelf layout by Simon Dawson, from Lancashire, England. Meanwhile, far away in Los Angeles, USA, John Bruce was working on a similar Box Street variation, shown in an artistic rendition at left. Yet another variation on Box Street comes from Jack Trollope, from his workshop in Ross-shire, Scottish Highlands. Instead of a sector plate as used in the original Box Street, Jack has substituted a small traverser (transfer table) that will eventually be concealed beneath a buildling.
John Filius, from Roseau, Minnesota, USA, took not one but two 1x4ft (30x120cm) shelf layouts to his local train show recently. If you’ve undertaken some similar activities on behalf of small layouts, I’d love to hear from you and see photos! Shown below are two photos of the layout dressed for the LMS, as it looked in its debut appearance at the Bressingham (Norfolk) Model Railway Day held in September 2006. Bob Moroch started out by designing an unconventional Timesaver layout (above, left) using two Peco three-way switches. Tunnels increases the beauty of the layout and tunnel is wonderfully constructed in this layout. Lakes also increases the beauty of the model train layout and here in this layout, beautifully constructed lake is increasing the beauty of this layout. Cargo locomotives are smoothly running on the railroads and these locomotives are used wonderfully in this amazing N scale layout.
Like lakes, trees and buildings, railroad bridges constructed over lakes or rivers increases the awesomeness of the model train layout.
Designer of this layout beautifully used buildings, trees and other objects to give it a realistic look.
Locomotive engines running on railroads are successfully increasing the beauty of the layout! Several international studies have shown that nearly all computer screens currently in use can view at least 800 pixels of width.

This 4x2ft work-in-progress layout represents Pender Iron & Steel, a works where ingots are melted down into structural shapes. Built in 16mm scale (1:19 on 32mm O gauge tracks representing prototype 2ft or 600mm gauge), the layout is titled Christmas 1945.
Each module of the foldup design is 35x10cm (14x4in), and the whole is concocted from Ben’s existing N stock and castoffs from the local DIY store. In this case, Jack Trollope reached back to a design by Malcolm Carlsson featured in Scale Model Trains magazine almost 20 years ago — a space-saving O scale yard in just a 48in shelf length! The traverser, as shown in the overview at left, can hold one locomotive thus producing a runaround capability that enables all the spurs to be reached and shunted. The clever configuration dramatically cuts the space required for a Timesaver, actually measuring only 42x8in (107x20cm). Edmonds in Suffolk, England, adapted my design for Union Station into Evenley, a delightful 50x12in (127x30cm) passenger terminus with three platforms. Carl came to Pittsburgh to attend Carnegie Mellon where he graduated with a degree in physics and met Sheila, his wife of 49 years. Though they may not be properly visible in any layout but their functionality depends upon the performance of the model train layout.
So buildings must be used in any layout and in the same way trees and buildings are beautifully used in this layout. These railroads are places properly and it is helping in the smooth operations of the model trains and engines.
If you cannot, please bear with us as the larger photos should reward scralling across them to see more details. Here are several examples of traversers used to enliven shelf layouts and significantly enhance their operations. Alexander uses several creative techniques, including a small turntable made from a PVC pipe end-cap swiveling in a section of pipe. The photo shows an early mockup using paper track to determine positions of trackage and buildings. It features a small wagon turntable for moving cars into the repair works on the backdrop, which are based on Colin’s memories of the works in his hometown of Wolverton. Then he got carried away, built the layout in 1x8ft (30x240cm) — and put it on steroids! In addition, he added a small shunting yard run with rules based on the Inglenook switching game. This layout consists of all the essential parts which helps to develop a realistic model train layout.
This design is best option for those who do not have bigger area to develop a bigger model. His traverser fiddle yard, which helps provide a steady flow of traffic to the visible part of the layout, also has storage tracks for locomotives and rolling stock.

As a finishing touch the layout fits for transport into a storage box decorated to look like a typical ammunition box of the period.
The cars are moved using a rope or chain shunting arrangement with capstans (or are they bollards?).A small traverser hidden at the left handles a loco and one wagon. C Bachmann primarily makes inexpensive yet richly locomotives for the narration of entrance from atomic number 7 1968 Bachmann steam locomotives scurf with their former gauges ingest plow atomic number 49 helped them to N Scale Train Layout For Sale-5. A three-way asymmetrical lap turnout provides three sidings for an Inglenook style switching game. Locomotives depend on the location on display, which can be LMS, LNER or industrial, with various tank engines in use from the appropriate Company and associated with railway workshops over the years. Following retirement from Westinghouse, Carl threw himself into the world of micro-railroading. Particularization applied as trains 6 0 0 army tank charge North Steam Powered locomotive exfoliation Vintage steam locomotive that is incomparable.
But the highlight of the layout (now under construction, as shown at right) is the Dutch-style swing bridge, or draaibrug. The HO layout in the background (detail shown at right) is the Kennywood Yard, dedicated to coal operations to feed the mills.
North ordered series of steam locomotives operational measure you won 't be discomfited Indiana these offerings from Bachmann Kato and Minitrix N-gauge. Ernst-Peter’s bridge, rather than rotating just 90 degrees to allow tall shipping to pass, actually will rotate 180 degrees–reversing any rolling stock that occupies it at the time! John also prepared and displayed a bulletin board showing pictures of a variety of small layouts from this site (he sought and received permission in advance). This web site attracted a large worldwide following, and Carl built up a collection of friends who came to know and respect him even though most had never met him in person. To couple and uncouple, Jeff uses a pen torch (flashlight) with a length of brass that has a hook on the end (shown below, left). He and Sheila moved to Olympia in 2009 to be close to their son Giles and his family, where Carl enjoyed time with his three grandchildren. His wit, erudition, and creativity made this true gentleman a joy to be with, in both the real and the virtual world. This site is a trove of microlayout ideas and examples, and so long as it continues will keep Carl's memory alive and further the hobby he loved.

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