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Guys, full mine complexes will be very difficult to model accurately unless you have worked in them or spend a lot of time learning how they work.
Back at the Merry Widow Mine on the Cascade Branch, I added the tramway to carry the ore down to the bins from the mine high above. I leaned the wall against the brewery for photographic purposes and to see the color matched ok. Most kits I see are either storage bins (like the Cash Mine)or very small processing plant like the New River from Walthers.Also please note that the professionals in the business differentiate between the MINE and the PROCESSING facilities, otherwise known as a mill.
Thats either a loader dump pocket or an incline (a mine entrance that enters at an angle, vertical its called a shaft, horizontal a adit, on an angle usually a winze or incline)Center building obviously has a boiler (if diesel powered smaller stack).
The mechanics at 9 Lives promise to fix what ails your tractor, dozer or other piece of heavy duty equipment.
The mine is where the material is extracted and the mill is where it is turned into something valuable. Conveniently located at Tefft, 9 Lives recently moved to this modern, concrete-floored repair shop there.

I had a substntial part of the Grandt No Problem Joe's kit left, so I built it in slightly modified form. The one I got had 2 right hand tracks, so, instead of taking it back, I made lemonade out of a lemon and used it for a broken down dozer at Blackwood Coal Co.
An underground mine can be modeled simply with a headframe, an ore bin, and some waste dumps.
Note that the conveyor belt from the right ends in the building a new one starts on the left of the building.
The mill will require some buildings, some tanks, and someplace to put the waste (tailings dam or at least a launder or pipe to the tailing faclitlies off layout somewhere).The above pertains predominantly to the hard rock mines. Coal is mined the same way (at least how we model it) but the plant only tends to wash out the waste and sort by size. The conveyor belt comes up and appears to dump into a slide or chute to deposit the material in the bin. Pretty poor design as it doesn't appear we can move the dump point along the bin.The center tower is also a bin (note the conical bottom) Can't see a conveyor into it, so that object to the right (or somewhere around there) there must be a bucket elevator to lift material into the bin.

This could be a gravel plant or any type of plant that only needs to be crushed and sorted.
This is fine for most people (look at the rave reviews most get in the modelling magazines) but to me they don't hack it. Of course, I spent 15 years in the modern gold mining industry as a metallurgical engineer and have studied the history of mining and milling for the better part of 25 years.
I might be a little "nit picky" about this.When I get the layout done I intend to write a series of articles on Mine and Mill modelling for the 'zines, if they accept them. Late 1910's to mid 30's, depending on geographical location and type of material being mined.

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