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As larger engines entered service, many railroads found their older coaling towers couldn't handle the increased demand. Based on an Ogle design, the Modern Coaling Tower will be a focal point in any engine terminal.
Hey everyone, I am in a posission where I may be able to mold N scale Humvees and HEMMTs in N scale here in the next few months.
These all-new, extremely accurate models feature plastic and etched metal components, and include a number of jaw-dropping, hilarious ads that are sure to turn heads. Remove cab sunshades from etched frame with a sharp hobby knife or by gently rocking them back and forth.2. Concrete was the material of choice as it was easy to use, affordable, fireproof and weatherproof. Use the drilling holes etched into the frame to guide your hole drilling (use a #80 drill bit).3.

I got thinking thought, I know the only N scale Humvees and HEMMTs that are out there right now look like crap, and are avaible though a guy on ebay.
The olf Burt Industries ones are the ones that are being sold on E-bay, and the look like crap.
Unlike some others we do post positive feedback as soon as payment has cleared and do not wait until they buyer has posted feedback.
Like the prototype, it can serve three tracks at once, making it an ideal choice for maximizing service in minimum space. I'm hoping my castings look better, and if they do, I will probably start to sell them, Unpainted and unassembled. I don't know how good the castings actually are, but the ones he is selling look like he painted it with his knuckles.
I have some M113s I got from someone over on the A boards, or Trainboard, can't remember.

The same sturdy construction that made these towers appealing to railroads also made them hard to get rid of!
With its metal parts removed for scrap, the tower could still be standing in a contemporary scene, a reminder of how things used to be.
Those outside the Continental United States please ask for shipping cost before bidding.We will be listing new items every week so come back and see us soon.

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