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The BM70k class was the second largest class of RPO-baggage cars on the PRR, outnumbered only by the subsequent BM70ka class. Our BM70k kit features rivet detail, and comes with decals, etched-brass detail parts, and working diaphragms included.The kit can be constructed to represent either as-built or rebuilt BM70k configurations, and includes both original and modernized door hardware. To complete the kit, the modeler adds the following part (not provided): one pair MicroTrains 6-wheel heavyweight trucks #1018.
The B60b was a uniquely PRR car with its balloon roof and porthole windows, but it was probably the most traveled railroad-owned passenger train car of the pre-Amtrak era. Hell Gate Models B60b baggage and express car kits come in two versions, a standard version and a messenger-equipped version with roof vents.
To complete the kit, the modeler adds the following parts (not provided): couplers (Microtrains #1023 or 1025), stirrups (Gold Medal Models #160-26), grabirons (Gold Medal Models #160-56), and diaphragms (if desired). Hell Gate Models passenger car kits are cast-resin kits of railroad-specific prototypes - specific car classes unlikely to ever be available in Ready-to-Run form. Amtrak's Predecessor: Formed in 1968 from the Pennsylvania and New York Central Railroads, the Penn Central was a short lived railroad that nonetheless paved the way for a government funded and operated rail passenger service (when it bankrupted in 1970 and left the densely populated northeast without any form of reliable rail transportation) and was notable for its "mismatched" paint schemes (referred to by some as the "rainbow era" trains for the variety of colors) on its passenger equipment.

Can be combined with Amtrak Phase I 4-Car Passenger Sets to create an early-Amtrak expanded passenger train. Pre-production look at the Ex-21-Roomette Coach - a car that began its life as a sleeper before being modified for coach service.
With it's 30-foot RPOcompartment accompanying a 40-foot baggage section,this was a versatile car class which traveled far and wide across the PRR system. Several significant variations existed within the BM70k class - brought about when the PRR undertook an active program in the 1940's to upgrade older cars from various BM70 subclasses into class BM70k, thus increasing the size of this class. The kits include correct PRR 2D-P5 trucks by East Wind Manufacturing and separate brake wheel and custom decals. A couple of hours at the workbench will reward you with a prototypically correct car that you can be proud of.
By combining Amtrak and Penn Central 4-car sets, modelers can easily enjoy these colorful and striking trains. First built in 1922, the BM70k class survived in active RPO service into the Penn Central era, and lasted in work train service as late as 1995, well into into the Conrail era.

It also traveled throughout the United States as the Pennsy B60b's were regularly seen on trains to Texas and Florida, and on New England trains to Boston, Maine, and Montreal. Our one-piece cast bodies with separate underframe castings make for simple assembly of the basic car structure. The BM70k class saw significant use in heavy headend mainline consists such as the 'Duquesne', and also in innumerable branchline consists. B60b cars were regularly expedited to Los Angeles in the consist of the Santa Fe 'Fast Mail'! This kit fills a large void for modelers of passenger trains of the PRR and other railroads.

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