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B train Shorty cringed cute vehicle nationwide, Oi iron road Thomas the tank engine Thomas of passenger (suhafu 42 + OHA 47) is. I accidentally stumbled into Japanese model railroading while browsing around an online Japanese hobby store. The B-Train Shorty are a line of N scale compressed cars where the length of each car is compressed to 6cm regardless of the prototype length. A separate issue is the light weight of the Shorty cars, which reduces tractive power and might lead your motor wheels to spin without moving. After comparing these two brands of trucks and power units, my recommendations are for the Kato trucks and the Bandai Power Unit 3. The Bandai Shorty line largely focuses on passenger train sets, with very few freight offerings. Bandai has released some passenger and freight rolling stock to accompany these individual locomotives. It is worth pointing out that it is fairly easy to create a freight complement to the Bandai passenger-centric cars because Japanese manufacturers produce many short wheel-base options for both locomotives and freight rolling stock. In the next installment, I'll talk about how I created a layout that takes advantage of these compact trains. Bachmann also uses a slightly different Pullman-style truck on their heavyweight coach (the trailer that comes with their gas-electric).
Full MTO!But that train has disappeared along with the privatization of the Japanese national railways.Eagerly-awaited train! They had some Bandai B-Train Shorty products on sale, and I really liked the way the compact models looked. I'll first go through the technical aspects of these Bandai Shorty trains and what additional parts you need to get them running. To actually run these cars on your layout, you'll need both a power unit and running trucks.

Bandai's trucks don't come with pre-attached truck reliefs and allow you to slot in the model prototypes that come along with the Shorty kits. The Bandai power units come with 4 pre-formed weights that fit in the chassis and around the motor.
The Kato trucks are significantly more free-rolling than the Bandai trucks and cost the same.
Wholesalers occasionally put restrictions on the number of pre-orders for extremely popular items, in which case we would be unable to deliver the items to every customer. After receiving the order confirmation e-mail, please transfer your payment to the bank account specified in the e-mail. At that point, I had no experience with model railroading and had no intention of actually building a layout. Then I'll turn to how I put together a small 2.5' x 5' layout where these compact cars (along with other short wheel-base locomotives and freight cars) can dramatically increase your layout and scenery space (Part 2 - My B-Train Shorty Layout). First, the short wheel-base allows you to use very tight curves with minimal unattractive overhang. Note that the Kato power units do not come with weights and you would need to add your own lead weights to increase tractive power.
For example, see Kato's closed hoppers, Tomix's container wagons, or Micro Ace's open hopper cars. With an effective tracking system and insurance program, EMS is able to offer a secure delivery worldwide. Hobby Search has an instruction page that gives you a good sense of what the Bandai Shorty kits and assembly process looks like. Kato has 3 motor choices, but the only difference is in the color and style of the truck reliefs (1, 2, 3). Even in the case of the Bandai power units, you might want to experiment with adding additional flat weights to see if it improves pulling performance.

You can track your package with the tracking code provided and it will be delivered within a week. Of course, as soon as these trains arrived in the mail, I began to research and learn about model railroading voraciously to figure out how to actually make these trains run in the limited space I have.
Second, they allow you to run 8 cars of a passenger train in a small loop, whereas doing so with normal n-scale passenger cars in a small loop would pretty much use up all your track.
It is important to note that their Power Unit 3 is a second generation motor and features 4-axel drive, as opposed to the 2-axel drive of their Power Unit 2. Serendipitously, these were the perfect cars to run in a small layout where space is a concern. Kato also sells pairs of running trucks (2 needed per train car) in the same variations--3 types where again the only difference is the color and style of the pre-attached truck reliefs.
This newer unit can pull significantly more cars than the earlier generation and costs USD 28.
Note that different train sets are sold with different configurations and add-on possibilities. For example, the N700 Shinkansen is sold in an A and B set, each with a head car and then 3 middle cars to form an 8-car configuration.
On the other hand, the 581 Sleeper Set comes in a base 6-car set, with additional 2-car middle car sets available.
Thus it's usually a good idea to purchase kits to make full train sets to avoid out of stock problems later on.

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