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The biggest problem for Bill’s analysis, though, is simply the fact natural gas adds water to the hydrologic system. Nonetheless, HO scale, as a description of our natural gas opponents, seems very fitting, doesn’t it?  It is, after all, all playtime with them, all the time. Feet would obviously, in this day and age, be a better amount to lower it by than microns; but, microns is better than nothing.

It now (according to this individual who repeated this 6 times) take 80 million gallons of water to frack a well and before horizontal wells came into play NO WELLS IN NY WERE EVER FRACKED. This is the version my mother use to say to me some 50 years ago as she tucked me into my bed at night. Different sizes of scale model railroads - 'G,' 'O,' 'HO,' 'N,' 'Z' & 'T' - belonging to the Penoyer family.

Yes the combustion will add way more than the above-mentioned number of microns back into the sea level and thereby flood a bunch of coastal anti hotbeds, but SHUT UP ABOUT IT!

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