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Cuomo’s plan has received a tepid response from public transit geeks such as Benjamin Kabak of the blog 2nd Ave.
By public transit, an average weekday journey from LaGuardia to New York City Hall in downtown Manhattan requires 65 minutes, according to an analysis of Google Maps data.
I took whichever route Google Maps said would get me downtown soonest but counted the time spent waiting for the bus (or train) to arrive.
For comparison, I evaluated the journey times along the same routes at the same times of day3 by car using Waze, an app that allows users to predict journey times accounting for typical traffic patterns at different times of day. These travel times are a rough guide; you should check conditions upon arrival at the airport. As I mentioned, you should be in the habit of checking out your transportation options given traffic conditions upon arrival. The major airports in Houston, Dallas and Miami abide by the same pattern, as do those in most midsize cities in the South and Midwest, including Kansas City and New Orleans. Then there are the airports where a car journey downtown is cumbersome but a trip by public transit is even worse.
Denver International Airport is notoriously far from the center city despite being the only major commercial airport there.
This will change once Denver completes the East Rail Line, which projects to make the journey downtown in just 35 minutes.
Info: A quick, easy subway ride from the heart of Manhattan, this location is conveniently located near the intersection of Ditmars Blvd.
Join Buffalo Exchange, a values-based, growing organization practicing open-book management and business literacy training. A trip from Newark Liberty Airport to downtown Manhattan also takes about 65 minutes on public transit; one from John F.
On average, it would take more than two-and-a-half hours to get from the Detroit Metro Airport to downtown Detroit, accounting for waiting time. Waze’s predictions do not specify a day of the week; because I used a weekday schedule for public transit, I also increased car travel times by 10 percent to account for heavier weekday traffic.
But they should provide a sense for where public transit is competitive with or potentially superior to a trip by private vehicle, at least from the perspective of time saved. Boston, Atlanta and Washington’s Reagan National Airport offer excellent public transit links to the central city. I already mentioned Detroit, where a journey downtown by public transit clocks in at 2 hours, 35 minutes. These are car-dominated cities, and the public transit options from the airport are no better than you’d expect.

Some of them, like Dulles International Airport in suburban Washington, deserve a mulligan because the airports are designed more for suburban travelers than for those headed to the central city. Los Angeles may also one day have a train connection to LAX airport; a car will usually be the least-worst option in the meantime.
In a few other cities, traffic can be so bad that a journey by public transit is worth checking out even if it isn’t that quick. Accounting for a 10-minute wait for a cab, a car trip downtown projects to take 50 minutes (journeys to Midtown Manhattan or to some parts of Brooklyn will be faster).
Finally, there’s one airport where the train will often be the best choice — even for expense-account travelers. Clean out your closet and bring in your past faves to Buffalo Exchange for cash or in-store credit on the spot! There’s no train or subway connection to the airport, and while there’s a bus, most routes require multiple connections and an hour or more’s travel. On Tuesday, he revealed a proposal that would build an AirTrain connection from LaGuardia to Mets-Willets Point station, which serves the subway’s 7 train and a branch of the Long Island Rail Road. And just as a train doesn’t always materialize right when you want one, neither does a private car; unless you have a really nice friend or a really fancy limo service ready to pick you up curbside, you’ll have to spend some time waiting for a taxi or a rental car or getting to a parking facility. Detroit’s Metro Airport is a fair ways from downtown Detroit, but a journey by car there is considerably faster at 45 minutes.
You’d have to have gotten a hell of an airfare to voluntarily fly into John Wayne Airport (SNA) in Santa Ana, Calif., if you were staying in downtown Los Angeles, for instance. If the AirTrain knocks 15 minutes off instead, it will be an option worth considering under a much broader range of circumstances.
Our stores have a wide range of men’s and women’s clothing in styles from trendy to designer and everyday basics. So, in transit-friendly but time-conscious New York, only a small fraction of passengers arrive at LaGuardia by public transit. Kabak and others would prefer a route that runs south from LaGuardia toward Jackson Heights, or that extends the N train to reach the airport from Astoria, Queens as Rudy Giuliani proposed in the 1990s. It’s hard to come up with a one-size-fits-all estimate for how long this takes,4 but I’ve added 10 minutes to the Waze travel times to account for it.
But while public transit times are fairly constant, a car trip downtown can take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour or more, depending on traffic. A journey on SEPTA’s Airport Line to Philadelphia City Hall takes just 25 minutes, but the Airport Line runs only once per half-hour. But if you decided to take public transit from SNA to downtown LA, it would take you three hours, 20 minutes.

While a journey to downtown Manhattan from JFK projects at 75 minutes by public transit, the car trip isn’t much better at 65 minutes on average and can be much worse on some days.
This is great if you get through baggage claim and emerge curbside right when the bus (or train) is leaving but not very helpful otherwise. This not new, but very up-and-coming neighborhood has become the newest hip spot in New York to stroll, shop, and grab coffee or a bite at innovative new spots. You can shop for lightweight shirts and blouses, shorts, denim, and more new-to-you items—perfect for those summertime days. In Minneapolis, likewise, a light rail system covers the 10-mile distance between the airport and downtown frequently and quickly. Filled with neighborhood history, the list of famous veteran restaurants thriving in this quaint community for decades goes on. Louis’s MetroLink, a light rail system, offers transit times downtown that are competitive with driving if you catch the trains at exactly the right time. Specifically, the travel times I pulled were those for Thursday as they were listed by Google Maps on late Tuesday.
If you want a place to sit down and relax, nearby 60 Beans has a comfortable arrangement of sofas and chairs, a fireplace, and outdoor seating to sip some of the best espresso or try the iced coffee on tap! Your local Buffalo Exchange is always accepting applications for entry-level Buyer positions. For nosh, head down Ditmars just a few blocks and eat at the famous Greek seafood restaurant Taverna Kyclades.
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Beautiful Astoria Park overlooking the Manhattan skyline is a short 10-minute walk from the store. Part-time employees must be able to work 3 days a week, including at least one weekend day.

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