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Disclaimer: Any content from this website can not be copied or use in other publications, website, blog post, articles or any other purpose. Chicago Metra Train schedule is affected on Independence Day, Christmas, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, or Thanksgiving.
In the above map, Metra rail line runs like in The Dark Green line Chicago (OTC) to Kenosha, Purple lines run Chicago (US) to Antioch which is north central line.
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Metra Train schedule is also affected on other days like pre-holiday dates, or modified schedules. Many travelers save by traveling in groups of 10 or larger from metra rail Chicago's one of the 230 stations. Light Green line for Chicago (US) to Aurora which is Burlington Northern Santa Fe, and Southwest service as Blue line Chicago (US) to Manhattan.
It is the sister agency to the Chicago Transit Authority that offers mass transit rail (the L) and bus service mainly in the suburbs. Chicago Metra Train provides railway system to ensure safe, effective, high quality commuting throughout Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.

Metra serves more than 200 stations on 11 rail lines and the Metra train schedule & maps provide details for travelers to find route around their city.
Brown line for Chicago (US) to Joliet which is Heritage Corridor, Rock Island District as Red line Chicago (Lasalle Street Station) to Joliet, Metra Electric runs as Orange line Chicago (Millennium Station) to University Park, and South Shore line as Sky line Chicago (Millennium Station) to South Bend.

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