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Saw this error on the NYC N-Train line the other day–the LCD display, which indicates upcoming stops and route information was totally in error. If any specific grade caught me off guard, it was for the train announcements being easy to hear. If you enjoyed this post, please consider to leave a comment or subscribe to the feed and get future articles delivered to your feed reader. All photos are by Jeremiah Cox This Website is maintained and copyright © 2003-2014, Jeremiah Cox. The top 3 priorities could be flip flopped in any order as each would be justified in the #1 slot. I wonder if people really had a hard time hearing the announcements (doubtful) or they were too wrapped up in their own word (probable). Just west of the station the 63 Street Connector joins the line, coming up a flying junction so trains can reach either the Express or Local tracks at ease, without interfering with the other track.

If they do happen to come back for a 3rd go-around, I suggest a different approach to getting maximum response. East of the station the express tracks leave the local tracks and fallow their own ROW via Northern Blvd, instead of the local tracks roundabout way via Steinway Street up to Broadway. The station itself has two side platforms, each with red I-beam columns, although there very few actually along the Forest Hills-bound platform.
The trimline on the Forest Hills-bound ends in places because the platform's ceiling gets so low. The name tablets have purple boarders with white text on a black background. For station exits no free crossover between directions is provided. The Manhattan-bound platform has too exits, the full time entrance with the token booth and turnstiles is placed directly on the platform, towards the middle of the station. This exit has two street stairs that lead up to the three way intersection (both streets end at Northern Blvd) of 38 Avenue and 35 Street. One is at the NE side of the intersection, the other at the NW side; both street stairs are along Northern Blvd.

This platform has a secondary exit at the extreme eastern (railway northern end) of the station, a High Entrance Turnstile leads out to a street stair at the NE corner of 36 St & Northern Blvd. This exit has a connecting, in the form of a narrow fenced off passageway along the wall of the Manhattan-bound platform to the full time turnstiles at 35 Street. The exits from the Forest Hills-bound platform are both on their own little mezzanine areas.
At the extreme southern (western) end of platform two staircases lead up to High Entrance Turnstiles and a part time bank of regular turnstiles that lead to a single street stair along the south side of Northern Blvd just east of the intersection with 34 Street.
There is some evidence in the form of a newly tiled over wall with doors as well some sings saying Exit 36 Street, that cover where the exit arrows should be in the middle of the platform, that there is a now closed exit to 35 Street.

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