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Grace Lutheran Church in Orange will celebrate National Model Railroad month with a model train display at the church. We are an organization of model railroaders who like to share the hobby with others in the prospect of just having fun.
The board believed that we need to foster real-time communication in line with other Regions and created this group. Saturday, May 8th, 2010 is National Train Day and there will celebrations around the country in major train stations, small depots, and transportation museums around the country.  You can read my column on the festivities – Marking Americans’ love affair with the rails , but here are a few highlights and a few bonus photos. Amtrak is celebrating National Day Train Day with free events that include model train displays, tours of private railroad cars, cooking demonstrations and a wide range of other activities at train stations in New York, Washington, DC, Philadelphia, Chicago and Los Angeles.
At Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station, there will an exhibit titled Baseball Junction: The History of Baseball and the American Railroad with memorabilia, photos and videos. At Chicago’s Union Station, they’ll be talking about the role train travel played in the history of blues music in America.  Posters and other memorabilia from the Chicago Blues Museum will be on display and there will be a performance of train-themed blues songs by Big Bill and Larry “Mud” Morganfield, who are the sons of legendary blues musician Muddy Waters. The above is my opinion, from an active and experienced Model Railroader in N scale and HO since 1961.
This has actually happened to me, when I used a bright white morter wash over my usual Rattle Spray Can Dark-Red Primer brick coat - the results looked off (pinkish). Personally, I find Floquil Reefer Orange (not available in a spray can, but there are lots of similar oranges available) to be very representative of some brick in my area of southern Ontario.
Lastly, as you should already know, painting the brick and mortar different colors is a sure way to make even the cheapest structure look really good! Our models, like the prototype, have limitations on where certain size cars and locos can travel. Most pre-1960 cars and locos will pass under a bridge that is 3 inches above the track in HO. If we determine that a railroad bridge needs to be 3.5 inches above a track running under it, how can we get there without increasing the steepness of the climb?  Well, the same way the prototype does it.

The activity is sponsored by the Southeast Model Railroad Club and East Texas and Gulf Modelers Association.
For more information, contact George Bohn at 313-1991 or 882-9191, or Mickey Taylor at 670-5349. Contacts for our Officers and Divisions are available on this site, as well as meeting locations and further information under individual Division listings. We welcome everyone from the beginner to the advanced modeler and from kids in their earliest years to well into their retirement.
I really like either spray paints from Wal Mart or Lowes; colors of brick, rust, burnt colors. I paint before I put the kits together, including the windows, put is the sheet plastic for windows and even pain shades or curtains. On one occassion I was not happy with the airbrushed color I had mixed so sprayed the entire structure with Tamiya primer gray.
It is good useful information for understanding some of the things needed in designing your pike (layout). For the simplest layout without grades, tunnels or buildings close to the track, not very much.
They will also run through most ready-made tunnel portals quite well whether single or double (two tracks side by side) portals.
What started out as a 2.5 percent climb may actually be 3 percent or more depending upon the radius of the curve. Just as when laying curves it is good to have an easement to get into the curve more gradually, with grades it is very important.
24, the Houston Model Railroad Fall Tour, with trains at Grace Lutheran Church, Beaumont, Groves and Pineland. The Region includes Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, and portions of South Dakota and Texas.

After the paint has really dried I take sheet rock mudd, a small amount on a cloth towel and wipe it over the wall. Next had the idea of scraping off the primer wjth a chilsel blade and was totally surprised at the result. However, as you begin to think in terms of hills, bridges and tunnels, you need to realize that the width of tunnels and the height of bridges above the track become important and very dependent upon what kind of trains you want to run. However,  modern double-stack trains will hit that bridge and 'maybe' make it through a tunnel portal, but probably not. As a National organization, we support the efforts to standardize the industry so as modelers may enjoy the benefits of compatible types of equipment, electronics, and standards from all manufacturers. Yes, there are a few differences because we are working with models, but the shape of the clearance template is very close until you get to the most modern diagram for double-stacks.
Short freight cars will take 18" radius curves quite well, but long ones may hit buildings and telephone poles set close to the track to the inside of the curve. Can you imagine the coupler on your loco hitting the track as it starts to climb upgrade or dropping down onto the track as it reaches the peak?
About 99% of what we're about is at the local Division levels where we meet in smaller informal groups to share ideas and experiences. This is exactly where understanding something about clearances and grades come into your planning. We help each other and especially those who are learning a€“ which turns out to be 100% of us, but again, mostly just to have fun.

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