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Travac has worked very hard with our partners to bring you the best value that money can buy on a Manhattan vacation.
The New York Hilton is also an elegant refuge where you can retreat and recharge after your day in Manhattan.  The hotel recently completed an $85 million renovation and redesign to take guest comfort to new heights. Spacious guest rooms offer stylish modern decor featuring wall to wall windows with city and street views of New York. Day 1You should arrive at Westgate Shopping Center to board the bus 30 minutes before departure. Day 2This morning you will depart on your motor coach for a 4 hour city tour of Manhattan with a local guide. Please note that Travac Tours releases unsold rooms back to the hotel 45 days before departure. The other day, I received an email asking if a bus station, dating to the 1930s, still existed at the Hotel Carter. After descending underground, buses would rotate on a 35-foot turntable, then proceed into a designated berth. Surrounding it, I could also see where the berths would have been, though the ceilings seem lower now. Before leaving, I wanted to see if the stairwell that once took passengers down to the waiting room still existed. Unable to compete with Port Authority, the Hotel Dixie’s bus terminal closed in 1957. Try as you might, you can never fully erase New York City’s past, and I like to imagine that late at night, a tourist picking up their car might look over and see the ghostly phantasms of passengers waiting for a bus that will never come.
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I can just barely remember a similar bus station from, say, 1962 when I first came to college in New York, but I think it was a bit further north, also on the west side. Unless those are your cars or you have made arrangements with the owners, you should probably blur the license plates. Google Image search the Hotel Dixie and you’ll see that checkerboard flooring in some of their long-since redone interior spaces.

Was there a motor to power the turntable, or was it so finely balanced that a couple of people could turn a bus by hand? In the Minneapolis Armory, cars are parked directly on top of the basketball court for the 1950s Minneapolis Lakers. Joe, I probably knew your uncle, that is if he was later employed by Trailways in the baggage department after the Dixie closed. I drove many a bus into that terminal during the mid 50’s and got a kick out of going into, and out of the terminal. Chuck, If I remember correctly, after the Dixie closed, my Uncle Ed and Aunt Lil moved back to Kingston. The Chanin Building had a similar, but smaller turntable for motor coaches located within the confines of it premises as well, although that one seems to have been completely obliterated. Your 4 fabulous days in Manhattan holiday package is actually our lowest price in the last two years.  Effectively this means that you are not paying a steep surcharge on the Canadian dollar, making your vacation both affordable and worry free.  Compare us with any package vacation staying in mid-town Manhattan and you will see the savings!
Travac’s 3 night escape to New York is one of our most popular tours, and sells out fast.
These comfortable rooms are appointed with a marble bath, hair dryer, iron, ironing board, safe, in-room thermostat control, 37-inch HDTV with HD channels and guide, on-demand HD entertainment and two telephones with voice mail. We can suggest a visit to one of Manhattan’s great museums, such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art. As an independent agency, we pride ourselves in providing our clients with high quality tours and travel arrangements at an excellent value. Opened on April 22, 1930, the Dixie was indeed home to a bus depot: the Central Union Bus Terminal, which at the time was the largest enclosed bus station in New York.
Based on the plans above, I was sad to see cars parked where the waiting room should have been – it must have been demolished.
On a recent trip I looked for it – I think part of the space is now offices near the entrance. A room off the lobby of THE CARTER that had been used for banquets had a short life as a theatre – so it goes to prove that these old spaces possess all kind of interesting history. I am currently researching New York in the 30’s my grandfather was in Broadway and lived there from 1931-1936 we never found any information on what he was doing! The tour will take you to many neighborhoods of Manhattan that may include: Chinatown, Soho, Little Italy, the Greenwich Village, Grand Central, Chelsea, Harlem and Central Park.

Founded in 1870, the museum now comprises of over 236 galleries with over a million artifacts. If there is space on the coach, Travac will attempt to secure you space at the hotel however you may be faced with a higher rate. We have earned a reputation in the travel industry for providing uncompromising attention to detail for our customers.
I’d never heard of this before (in fact, I only knew of the Hotel Carter as one of the dirtiest hotels in America) but I had to investigate. When my mother and I were going to visit my aunt and uncle in the city, my uncle would tell the Trailways bus driver.
We used to walk there through Times Square and stop at some at an amusement center and play Pokerino. Any other nationality other than Canadian persons must identify themselves to the booking agent for verification of documents required. They used to know some of the actors and actresses that were on Broadway at the time too – a lot of them stayed in the Whitby.
When the PA bus terminal was opened, the Red & Tan line from Bayonne went there, and I stopped taking the one to the Dixie. When we arrived at Hotel Dixie and the bus pulled onto the ramp, my uncle would turn the bus 360 deg 3 or 4 times to give me a ride before he stopped it in front of the proper berth. His wife, my aunt (my mother’s sister), worked at The Dixie Cafe, and we would go there for a bite to eat after our 2 hour ride from Kingston. I learned this from him because last August 2012 I visited Times Square and was later telling him about my visit. The Red & Tan buses were newer and much more comfortable so we all gave up on the older Boulevard Gray buses. It was then that he told me about driving to NYC from upstate (probably Monroe or Middletown).
He would usually do a round trip, and on occasion he would drive to Monticello or Liberty from NYC.

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