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With plans to expand transit service to meet a growing population, York Region needed to transform a 5 acre former manufacturing plant into a major bus garage.
Delcan provided contract administration services and was also responsible for development of the functional program, preparation of schematic design and completion of detail design and contract documents for building permit, tender and construction. The retrofitted facility has four interior service lanes for bus fueling and washing, plus a maintenance area for 19 buses, including a paint booth, inspection pits, in-ground hoists, a body shop and tire change bays. Sustainable building design breaks from the traditional model of architect as form-giver supported by sub-consultants.
Through this process, Delcan created a design with many sustainable features and advantages. Depending on the location of where you park in New York City, the parking garage price can greatly differ. New York City parking garages are required by law to post rates on signs at its entrance. Rates at NYC parking garages may start at an inviting low rate for the first half hour or full hour, but then double for the hours that follow. New York City parking garages often send out staff members with red flags that stand in the street and direct traffic into their parking garage. Parking lot attendants and parking valets will bump cars together and into walls and pillars to maximize the amount of cars that the garage can hold. To protect your vehicle from dents and scratches, look into purchasing bumper protector products. Rates are more expensive near popular landmarks in New York City, such as the Empire State Building, museums, major department stores like Bloomingdale's, and along Central Park on Fifth Avenue and Central Park West. When choosing to park in a open parking lot or parking garage, take a moment to consider the differences and how they will affect your vehicle.
Very few self park parking lots exist in New York City as these are an inefficient use of space.
Driving into New York City in a full size SUV, truck, RV, camper, or anything with a trailer can be a problem. As an added challenge, York Region had a mandate that all of its new buildings and major renovations attain LEED®* Silver at a minimum. Completed ahead of schedule in 2010, the building underwent an extensive commissioning process in accordance with the guidelines of the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).

For this project, Delcan used the Integrated Design Process (IDP) to bring all stakeholders together so that sustainable concepts, ideas and costs could be debated and evaluated in the early stages, rather than tacked on later. The 5 acre roof is innovatively used to collect rainwater for both washing the buses and flushing washroom fixtures, reducing demand for potable water. A $10 price tag may seem inviting, but if it’s only for the first 30 minutes before doubling, the price will skyrocket after a short amount of time. Taxes may not always be clearly marked on signs, so the total bill could turn out to be more expensive than anticipated. Bumper and car door guards wrap around the car bumper and act as padded barriers, usually made of heavy-duty foam. It may be inconvenient, but parking on the outskirts of Manhattan or in quieter neighborhoods with fewer attractions is going to be your best bet when it comes to saving money. When parking in a garage, drivers run a higher risk of bumper damage, dents and scratches, as well as parking attendants taking naps or snacking in your car.
Valet parking attendants get can up to 50% more cars into the same space and thus nearly all NYC parking lots and garages use parking valets. Delcan won the competitions to be both the prime consultant and LEED® consultant in 2008. Apart from recycling an existing structure, the Delcan design reduces storm water runoff and encourages use of public transit, biking and carpooling for building staff.
But if you must drive in and park in a parking garage in New York City, there are fortunately more than 2,300 parking facilities to choose from. Event rates can even be as high as $60, that is, if you want to park directly across the street from the Jacob K. Taxes, event rates, or other hidden fees can also come along with the rate, though it won't always be clearly stated on the NYC parking garage sign.
If you don’t, chances are the valet will not take care of your car as well, and could potentially park it in the back of the lot or smash the bumper into another car or wall. They do however work out cheaper than their Valet counterparts as you don't have to tip anyone.
Energy efficient mechanical, electrical and lighting systems are governed by a Building Automation System (BAS) and controls. The design encourages use of public transit, biking and carpooling for its staff, with provisions for interior bike storage, showers and change rooms for cyclists, and preferred parking for carpool vehicles.

Parking in a garage is your best bet for avoiding the chance of parking tickets and risk of towing that come with street parking. Also refer to New York City PARKING OFFERS to select a parking garage in advance and for special discount parking rates that allow you to park for less than the advertised price. These signs often have a lot of print that must be read quickly as you’re driving by and a quick judgment must be made of whether to pull in or not. There is a 6 percent New York City sales tax (most all other goods and services have just a 4 percent New York City sales tax), a 4 percent New York State sales tax, and 0.375 percent Metropolitan Commuter Transportation District surcharge. Usually this parking garage is more expensive than its peers in the local area, especially since they have to pay their flag wavers.
Parking attendants are trying to fit in as many cars as they can into the parking garage.
Materials were sourced locally; reducing transportation costs and pollution, and high recycled content was mandated for all project materials.
The more cars, the more money, and they won’t care if they have to scratch up your car to do so. The speed at which the parking attendant can retrieve your car from a parking lot is often slower if they have a elevated parking lift system. Parking garage attendants want to squeeze as many cars as possible into their lot, so they won't be very accommodating. VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) levels of materials and finishes inside the building have been kept below the most stringent North American standards.
For parking or storing vehicles in Manhattan, the city charges an additional 8 percent surtax, which brings the total tax rate to 18.375 percent.
There are many rules of the road in New York City and below we've listed parking garage tips on how to plan, what to know about parking garage signs and prices, how not to be duped by hidden fees, and how to protect your vehicle from damage.

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