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On New Years Eve 1989, Ray, Egon, and Winston went underneath the old New York Subway tunnels to search for the River of Slime that was slowly building up under the city.
Egon asked Winston what the number on the train was but Winston was too petrified to remember the number. Also, many viewers have noted that the train pictured features a steam locomotive, baggage car, coach and a caboose.

RV PAINT DEPARTMENT 8386 SULTANA AVE FONTANA CA, 909-300-5409 Come to the best shop in California! And below it, you can see how many pieces of news have been created about albany new york in the last years. In a panic, Ray and Egon quickly took cover while a stunned Winston froze in place while it flew straight through him. It should be noted that the train itself looks like a train from the mid 1800s instead of from the 1920s.
Before it was settled, there was an idea for a ghostly subway train with rotting commuters. When it disappeared Egon believed he identified the train as being the old New York Central "City of Albany" that was accidentally derailed in 1920, killing over 100 people.
Egon, probably in a moment of fear and panic, must have gotten the City of Albany train mixed up with another train that was involved in an earlier disaster before the 20th century.
The train was meant to add more tension, humor, and special effects to that part of the movie.

The train was shot on a black stage at Apogee using a snorkel lens about an eight of an inch away in clearance all the way down the train. Ernie Hudson, Harold Ramis, and Dan Aykroyd did filming with interactive lightning at The Tunnel, a New York nightclub featuring a subway motif - several hundred feet of abandoned subway track.
The resulting imagery of the train was rendered transparent then composited into the live-action plate. A 10K light was placed behind the actors and three to four air cannons were placed on them to blow their hair around. When the cannons blew Hudson's helmet off, the crew blasted the actors with a bright light in place of the train.

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