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The building form most closely associated with New York City is a skyscraper (a pioneering urban form first used in New York and Chicago) that saw New York buildings shift from the low-scale European tradition to the vertical rise of business districts. Just like Google Earth you can zoom into anywhere on the planet, tilt the view back to see mountains and hills.
The highlight of this beta version is twenty metropolitan areas with stunning, photorealistic 3D models. Copenhagen, London, Helsinki, Oslo and San Fransisco also have street level panoramas, ¬†accessible by clicking the stick man figure ¬†in the navigation menu. The application obviously doesn’t have anywhere near the wealth of data and imagery provided in Google Earth, nor does it allow you to add your own content. If it looks slightly familiar, that’s because C3, the company behind the 3D data is responsible for 3D maps on a handful of European websites. This entry was posted in News and tagged 3D Models, Google Earth, Nokia, Ovi Maps 3D, World.

Share this item with a friend by filling out the information below and then pressing the "Send" button. Surrounded mostly by water, the city’s residential density and high real estate values in commercial districts saw the city amass the largest collection of individual, free-standing office and residential towers in the world. Navigation is fairly straightforward – just drag the globe to pan, double click or use the scroll wheel to zoom in. Centering on XY-plane is required for correct rendering and animation to prevent z-buffer floating point precision inaccuracy for every camera angle, zoom and position. It is not an accurate representation of any particular city but was inspired by Newyork city's Architecture.
To get true North American Datum 1983 Universal Transverse Mercator Zone 18N SRID 26918 coordinate reference system based on the WGS84 datum for calculations, if needed, simply 2D transform every vertex X coordinate by 583217,815782511 and every vertex Y coordinate by 4506488,6095344. The model is made up of 12 detailed tilable blocks for easy expansion, detailed road network, billboards, and street furniture.

All vertices in 64-bit double-precision floating-point format with correct DEM for ground elevation data and with correct buildings heights and positions.
This model is primarily optimised for pre-render projects but can be used for interactive purposes (eg. 3D Model was built with my custom software using DEM elevation data map and building positions.

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