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A second shuttle bus service to New York is on the way to Alewife, at the end of the red line in Cambridge. The shuttles would cost $27 per passenger, and its 57-passenger buses would also make stops in Woburn, Waltham and at Newton Riverside Station, according to minutes of a May meeting of Newton’s Board of Aldermen, where Tumwine’s plan won unanimous approval. World Wide Bus (now GoBus) paved the way in October 2010 and still runs buses several times a day between Cambridge, Newton and New York, charging $18 per weekday trip and between $22 and $32 on the three weekend days.
There remain at least a half-dozen bus lines running between Boston’s South Station and New York, including the Lucky Star line that has just returned to service after being shut down in June with the legendary Fung Wah bus for safety reasons. While only three years ago prices for a New York bus trip could get as low as $15, the new standard in Boston and Cambridge is around $25.
The company Tumwine runs that would operate the bus service, Diaspora Investment Association, is based in Waltham.
Service starts Wednesday for World Wide Bus, which will pick up passengers at Alewife and bring them to New York for only $10. It’s the first such transportation offered from Alewife and can save residents the trip to South Station in Boston for similarly priced buses to New York — the classic, grungey standard setter being the Fung Wah, although World Wide buses have features competitive with the upscale Bolt Bus. Between Cambridge and Manhattan there is a stop in Newton, but the bus is not meant to be Cambridge-to-Newton transportation.
World Wide estimates a 4.5-hour trip to Penn Station, while Fung Wah says it will take between four and five hours to reach 139 Canal St.

First is my visit with the 40 some children of the Samouni family whom I have described as suffering tremendously during the Israeli invasion.
The other experience I want to share ( get out your computers and checkbooks to support Boston based Grassroots International an outstanding development organization which REALLY partners and funds the work I will describe)is the result of a simple contact I made to visit the Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committee(PARC) a Palestinian nonprofit that works to develop long term agricultural and food resources in Gaza. To Register, send and email to register AT with your name, email address, and affiliation (if any).
What does Women's Equality have to do with Peace and International Security in the Middle East and Northern Africa? With new safety requirements for the cheapest services, the price proposed by Horizon is on par, and the difference in time it takes to travel to New York from either city is negligible.
The 30-year-old, Brooklyn-based company says its vehicles have free Wi-Fi and outlets at each seat for users of laptops or other electronic devices, as well as reading lights and more room for luggage. Getting to South Station, whether riders want a bare-bones Chinatown bus or the premium Bolt Bus, takes an estimated half-hour via T from Harvard Square, while getting to Alewife for a World Wide Bus should take less than 10. Because more internationals were present the Palestinians were able to use this demonstration to begin removing a stacked roll of razor wire marking 150 metres from the border, symbolically reclaiming their land.. Hamas is certainly not revered here but by maintaining the Israeli imposed blockade we are just fermenting extremism. During the Israeli invasion the army used the PARC facility as a prison and in the process destroyed the building ( the army comes, not knocking on the door but with tanks smashing through the walls), computerized records and research as well as the model farm built on principles of sustainable agriculture.

The city manager recommends council approval based on support won by Cambridge resident Deo Tumwine at the Nov. 11, 2014, after learning Tumwine’s agreement with the MBTA gave him permission to use Alewife bays on Saturdays and Sundays only. 18, and $20 on weekends.) There can be as few as four weekday trips, and as many as eight, mainly on weekends. Less traffic, easier parking and a smaller station also gives Alewife the edge on convenience. This is not only a symbol of loss in Gaza it is also a symbol of what the world can achieve. Mega Bus is a little too notorious for customer complaints to be included in this survey.) Mapping the drive on Google maps shows the World Wide drive taking three hours and 53 minutes and a Fung Wah trip taking five minutes longer. PARC has the buffer zone divided width wise into 3 parts each marking 300 metres into its area and PARC's focus is on reclaiming the farmland in areas 1 and 2 by restoring the obliterated Palestinian farms and so repopulating the area.

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