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UPDATE: New York City's school bus drivers will go on strike Wednesday, their union announced late Monday afternoon. The drivers have been on the verge of calling a strike for several days in the nation's largest school system, where more than 150,000 students in both public and private schools rely on the yellow bus service.
The union that represents the city's 9,000 school bus drivers, mechanics, and bus attendants threatened the walkout after the city schools department announced in December that it would seek competitive bids to transport more than 22,000 students with special needs. New York City Schools Chancellor Peter Walcott and Mayor Michael Bloomberg had harsh words for Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1181, the union that represents drivers, with the mayor calling the threatened strike "totally irresponsible," especially in a school year when many students have already missed a week of classes due to Hurricane Sandy.
Walcott's office has already announced plans to provide free subway fare cards and reimbursements for taxis and car services to students who are stranded without service during a strike.
Though New York City buses fewer children than many other school districts, city education officials said it is the most expensive yellow bus service in the nation, at $1.1 billion a year, or an average of $6,900 per student who uses the service. A tragic accident involving a distracted bus driver, a light pole, and an eight-month-old baby girl took place in New Jersey last week. A 48-year-old Idowu Daramola, a  probationary bus operator for the New York City MTA faces vehicular homicide charges after negligently crashing into a street pole, according to MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz. All MTA bus drivers are considered probationary employees during their first year on the job. According to the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office, Daramola was driving a bus in West New York on Tuesday when he was talking on his phone behind the wheel.
Daramola, of Queens, New York was arraigned Thursday (Aug 1) on charges of reckless driving, using a cell phone while operating a vehicle and death by auto. He failed to enter a plea at his arraignment. According to law enforcement authorities, Daramola also had outstanding warrants for traffic charges that he did appear in court for. The outstanding warrants were for speeding, improperly letting passengers off the bus, failing to stop at a stop sign in 2011, and a red-light camera violation in 2012.
New York’s Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) was not aware that Daramola had pending legal problems in the state of New Jersey. Senior Margarita Seda was killed in the middle of the day by a driver making a left turn at a signalized intersection with marked crosswalks. In the last 24 hours, an 80-year-old pedestrian and an MTA bus driver were killed in crashes in Brooklyn and Manhattan. The unnamed motorist was summonsed for careless driving and failure to yield to a pedestrian. Grand Street and Graham Avenue are two-lane streets that meet at a signalized intersection, and there is strong evidence that the victim was in the crosswalk and had a walk signal, based on published reports and the fact that NYPD cited the driver. The crash that killed Margarita Seda occurred in the City Council district represented by Antonio Reynoso, and in the 90th Precinct, where in 2013 local officers cited 35 drivers for failing to yield to pedestrians, and wrote 311 speeding tickets.
The driver of a stolen truck crashed into an MTA bus, killing the bus driver and injuring three others, including a food vendor who was on the sidewalk at Seventh Avenue and W.

At approximately 5:30 this morning, the driver of a stolen box truck slammed into an M14 bus at Seventh Avenue and W. According to the Daily News and the Times, bus driver William Pena died at the scene, and two people on the bus and a food vendor were injured, two critically. The News reported that the truck driver was being chased by police, but the MTA press office had no knowledge that NYPD was involved. Killing a pedestrian crossing with the light and right of way in a left-turn, failure-to-yield crash should be a felony might a hefty jail sentence.
In almost every modern country except the USA, it is criminal negligence and punished appropriately. Word On The Street “The entire area around the Botanical Garden is a pedestrian nightmare, and unfortunately, the institution has shown no interest in improving safety.
BY Pete Donohue Hometown Heroes in Transit Awards: Bus driver learning American Sign Language to better serve deaf riders Bus driver Edwin Cora has been inspired to learn ASL to better help his Q44 bus riders.
Inspired by a few frustrating encounters with deaf riders who needed help, Cora decided to learn ASL to communicate with members of the deaf community.
Cora says he can tell whether a passenger boarding is deaf by facial expressions and mannerisms. You can't overestimate what these exchanges mean to a deaf rider, said Alex Rozentsvit, a deaf college student who has formed a friendship with Cora. Rozentsvit has nominated Cora for a Daily News Hometown Heroes in Transit award, which honors extraordinary transit workers in the city.
His immediate goal is to become proficient enough to translate his ministera€™s sermon and scriptural readings at the Community Baptist Church in Bayside, Queens. When hea€™s ready, Cora said, he will invite deaf friends and acquaintances to Sunday services.
Nominate a city bus or subway worker for a New York Daily News Hometown Heroes in Transit Award. Please include the name and title of the transit worker being nominated with an explanation why recognition is deserved. Superville discuss and analyze what's happening in the nation's school districts and dissect trends in education leadership and management. Those new contracts would scrap 30-year-old job protections by eliminating requirements for the bus companies to hire drivers by seniority and at the same pay rates that they received from previous yellow bus companies, according to media reports. With 1 million children enrolled in New York City schools, the vast majority do not use yellow bus service. The city's school bus contracts have not been put out for competitive bid in 33 years, or since the last time the drivers' union went on a strike.

A strike by New York City school bus drivers that had been threatened for weeks will start Wednesday morning, affecting 152,000 students, the president of the union representing the drivers announced Monday.
Daramola was employed as an MTA bus operator since he was appointed to the job title in February of this year. Tuesday, Margarita Seda was struck by the driver of a GMC vehicle as she crossed Grand Street at Graham Avenue in Williamsburg, according to WCBS and the Daily News.
If it occurred as described, yesterday’s crash appears nearly identical to the one that killed Maude Savage, the 72-year-old who was hit by an unlicensed driver last November while crossing with the signal at Sutter and Euclid Avenues in East New York. 14th Street, sending both vehicles onto the sidewalk and into scaffolding above a subway entrance. My cousin was inside the food cart,” said Ehmad Shehata, 29, who was also slinging food nearby and rushed to the accident scene. The Times said the driver of the truck hit a cab and a three-wheeled scooter before hitting the bus, and that no one was injured in those collisions. It is always good to try to reconstruct accidents based on news reports since it makes the negligence so obvious. Seda was my grandmother and she was a good hearted person and did not deserve this from this idiot driver.
He has a broad, warm smile that comes easily, and he has a familiar and friendly manner with riders on the Q44 and Q20 routes. Those who do ride school buses qualify based on a disability, or their age and the distance they live from school. Angelie Paredes, the eight-month-old baby girl inside of the stroller was killed instantly. The red arrow represents the movement of the driver and the white arrow the movement of the victim, according to reports. WCBS reported that Seda was crossing Grand north to south when the driver, traveling north on Graham, struck her while making a left turn onto Grand. Seda suffered head injuries and died at Bellevue Hospital.
The man who killed Savage was charged criminally, but only because he was driving without a license.
To become so proficient that he can stand in front at his church and interpret the service in ASL.
The 44 goes from West Farms, near the Bronx Zoo, to College Point, a Queens neighborhood jutting into Flushing Bay.

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