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Eastern Bus and Today's bus was purchased by Megabus in Feb 2009, and still operate under their old logos.
Because of so many buses and bus companies here, some of them began to play a cat-and-mouse game of double-parking and then driving away at the first sign of police. At Jamaica, walk next door to the AirTrain monorail terminal, pay the rip-off $5.00 to take you the rest of the way to the airport.
Three of the new lines will be at the First Baptist Church of Woodbridge –– an underused commuter lot now leased by Prince William County.
More to the Story: Also happening Monday, more seats will be added to Virginia Railway Express trains. The line for Rosslyn commuters will form in the front portion of the parking lot, while the lines for the Pentagon and L’Enfant will form in the rear portion of the lot. In the afternoon, a new shuttle service at the Horner Road commuter at I-95 and Prince William Parkway will be able to ferry commuters back to the church lot.
Afternoon commuters may slug back to the Horner Road lot or they can take an OmniRide bus from Washington. The shuttle buses will be marked with “special” in all capital letters, so commuters will know the difference between the shuttle and commuter buses. The First Baptist Church has 350 commuter parking spaces and was leased by Prince William County after Potomac Mills mall reduced commuter parking by 75 percent.
The two new lines at the I-95 commuter lot, also an underused commuter lot, will be for commuters bound for Downtown Washington, including 14th and 18th streets. In the afternoon, commuters who parked at this lot should use the Slug lines bound for the Old Hechinger’s commuter lot, at Va.
Slugs are commuters who ride in vehicles of three or more occupants to use the High Occupancy Express lanes on I-95 and 395.
Potomac Local News is independent local news published daily, serving Prince William and Stafford counties in Virginia.
The Bus Tour From NYC will take you to great places like King’s Dominion*, Busch Gardens*, Virginia Beach, and Chesapeake Bay Bridge. We will head out of for our theme park extravaganza early and arrive at Kings Dominion after lunch for some thrills and remarkable entertainment. With our feet rested, we will travel to Williamsburg Virginia the home of the infamous Busch Gardens for a day packed with thrills and entertainment.
We will head out in the morning for the short ride to the glistening shore of Virginia Beach. Ground transportation via deluxe Air-Conditioned and Lavatory Equipped motorcoach with complimentary pick-up and drop-off at chosen location. Prior to booking your tour, it is your responsibility to read and all information related to your tour products listed under these Itinerary, Pricing, Special Notes and FAQ tabs. After you submitting your reservation online, you will receive a Pre-Order email within a couple of hours. Within 2 business days, we will send you a confirmation email to confirm your reservation of the trip. Your reservation is always subject to confirmation by email normally within two business days.
The tours usually pick-up and drop-off at the same locations unless otherwise stated in the tour Departure and Return Info page. What happens if I forgot to bring proper travel documents on the boarding day (Passport, Green card, Visa, etc.)? We recommend two pieces of standard sized baggage per passenger due to the load limitation of the motorcoach. In simpler times, one of the “musts” in New York City at Christmas time was marveling at the imaginative department store window displays.
And yet, one of the musts in New York City around Christmas remains marveling at the holiday displays. And they all fit neatly in the itinerary for your holiday getaway to New York City thanks to narrated NYC holiday windows bus tours.

The New York City Holiday Lights Tour is available from the Gray Line Visitors Center on Eighth Avenue between 47th and 48th Streets. Highlights: You’ll see Macy’s, known for its annual display of a scene from Miracle on 34th Street. The Holiday Lights Motorcoach Sightseeing Tour boards outside the 53rd Street entrance to the Sheraton New York Hotel. You’ll also stop to take walking tours—including at Rockefeller Center—and also see the famous Columbus Circle snowflakes, the world’s largest Menorah and more. Bluegreen Vacations Unlimited, Inc., 4960 Conference Way North, Suite 100, Boca Raton, FL 33431.
While all effort was made to ensure the accuracy of the information on this webpage, the author does not accept any responsibility, or liability for any omissions, or errors. Bolt Bus free wireless internet on board, and loyalty program (currently, buy 8 trips and get 1 trip free). Subsidized by the casinos, run by NJ Transit (ticketing system by amtrak), the Atlantic City Express Service (ACES) costs $39-$200 one-way, and only runs on weekends.
This option is the fastest way of getting to JFK if you are located anywhere near ny penn station.
Busch Gardens combines delightful European -themed scenery with high-class entertainment, cuisine, exhibits and shopping for a truly memorable experience.
Enjoy a stroll along the beautifully crafted boardwalk dotted with unique sculpture, shops and restaurants. To insure fewer passengers operation, 15 seats minibus may be substituted. Passenger insurance while on board motorcoach. It is recommended that customers should book tour at least two weeks before departure date.
In this email, you could find the detailed boarding time and location of the trip, contact information of local service provider.
Promotional offers such as BUY 2 GET 1 FREE and BUY 2 GET 2 FREE are provided and confirmed only on an availability basis. If you do not wish to participate in certain tour activities, you can hang around the tourist attraction as you like to.
Meal breaks will be arranged at hotels, various ethnic restaurants, food courts, and fast food restaurants. Competition for attention among rival stores in this bigger-is-better era of special effects and bottomless marketing budgets has addicted imagination to steroids. You’ll also see Lord & Taylor, Saks Fifth Avenue and other famous displays—all accompanied by descriptive narration. You can step off the bus to inspect the famous Lord & Taylor animated holiday displays.
Bluegreen, Bluegreen Resorts, Bluegreen Vacation Club, Bluegreen Rewards, Bluegreen Traveler Plus, Colorful Places to Play and their respective logos are registered trademarks, unregistered trademarks or service marks of Bluegreen Corporation and are used with permission. News, traffic, weather, thoughtful insight, things to do where you live, and so much more – you'll find them all right here. For those seeking an adrenaline rush, choose from seventeen amazing thrill rides that will have you flying, dropping and spinning over the park. Visit Germany and ride the Alpengeist which is considered one of the top ten roller-coasters in the world.
After lunch we will travel northward towards the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, which connects the mainland of Virginia Beach and Norfolk to the Eastern Shore. The other participating passenger in the reservation is responsible for paying the penalty fee to the tour escort prior departure. All other reschedule, change, and cancellation please refer to the Standard Cancellation and Refund Policy.
Bus seats will be pre-assigned after payment is made based on a first come first served basis.
In the rare events (such as booking ONE day prior to the departure day), your reservation can not be confirmed by the service provider, a full refund will be credited back to your account. The order of day-to-day itinerary is adjustable depending on tour start date of the week.

By accepting our policy, passenger should agree that we shall hold no responsibilities includes but not limited to the following unforeseeable events such as weather, accident, bus break down, sickness, theft, itinerary changes, delays or cancellation.
Please be understandable this is a group tour, we have to satisfy the entire group for a smooth operation of the tour.
Bear in mind, when you can NOT board for this reason, this also triggers the reschedule fee or cancellation penalty.
All our local service providers, try to maintain a clean environment on the bus, therefore, the bus will make rest stops along the way (every 2-3 hours) at highway service area.
Both take you to all of the major store displays as well as to Rockefeller Center and other Manhattan holiday highlights.
In addition, you’ll see the skating rink and Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center, the Empire State Building specially lit for the holidays, the Brooklyn Bridge and many more seasonal points of interest. The Anaconda is a favorite of many and reaches speeds of up to 50 miles per hour with loops, twist and even an underwater tunnel.
At speeds up to 67 miles per hour, this ride will get your heart pumping and adrenaline flowing. This tunnel is 17 miles long bridge and tunnel combination offers spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay. For the detailed arrangement, please email or call the local service provider prior to departure date to re-confirm. We are strongly advising you to purchase travel insurance before departure to insure compensations for the unexpected causes above.
If you need to use the lavatory on the way, you may ask the tour guide to open it for your use.
You’ll also see Macy’s, Barney’s, Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdale’s, FAO Schwarz, Saks Fifth Avenue and many more!
The Griffon, Apollos Chariot and Lochness Monster are just a few other unique coaster rides you can choose from.
After travelling across and through this architectural wonder, we will continue towards New York. The other, available three days a week, lasts about 4 hours but includes hop-on, hop-off opportunities for close-up sightseeing. And in addition to viewing these spectacles, you’ll get a historical account of each from your narrator.
This ride is the fastest roller coaster on the East Coast and will have your heart pumping like never before. Roman Rapids is for the water lovers so expect to get wet when you travel down the waterway through ancient Roman ruins on this family fun ride. Roll-a-ways beds are regulations of each hotel; you are responsible for paying the additional cost for roll-a-way bed. If you want to keep your feet on the ground but still have fun you can watch daily live shows full of energy and outstanding talent or visit any of the sixteen souvenir and gift shops offering everything from fine chocolate and candy to clothing and toys. Those seeking milder fun may choose to ride the scenic train or cruise the river in a boat, which provides a great view of the park. For little ones, King’s Dominion offers truly spectacular water play area, pint-sized rides, captivating shows and plenty of tasty treats. Busch Gardens has some of the best talent from around the world participating in ten main stage shows daily.
The family friendly shows include the charming Pet Shenanigans, which gives us a humorous look at some very smart and cute animals. For those who like to shop, you will find fine gifts, clothing, toys and unique offerings in all countries.

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