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There's no denying it: New York City is one of the best vacation destinations for families in the country.
Staten Island Ferry: Kids love the free boat ride across New York Harbor and back, with views of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and the skyscrapers and bridges of lower Manhattan. Union Square Greenmarket and Playground: A favorite thing to do is go to farmera€™s markets. Chelsea Market: Everyone in my family loves to explore this market (75 9th Avenue, between 15th and 16th Sts).
Grand Central Station: Grand Central is a treat in itselfa€”watching the trains come and go, looking at the amazing ceiling, seeing all the hustle bustle, and it also has a huge food court if anyone gets hungry.
The Plaza Hotel: For the Eloise lovers, ita€™s an exciting indoor activity just to walk into The Plaza (5th Ave. Heckscher Playground in Central Park: This playground (West side, near 61st and 63rd Sts) has recently been redone, and it is fantastic.
Boat Pond in Central Park: Kids love watching all the remote-controlled miniature sailboats criss-cross the Boat Pond, one of Central Parka€™s most charming spots (its official name is Conservatory Water, but nobody calls it that).
I’ve been up the Empire State Building and would have been happy if I never stepped foot in it again. Colby saw the Brooklyn Bridge a few times, including going under it on our Circle Line boat tour. We wanted to take Colby to Liberty Island to visit the Statue of Liberty, but I had heard horror stories of long waits. The cruise gets really close to the statue and provided some really awesome views of Manhattan. It was a chance for Stacey and I to sit and relax for a couple of hours while Colby also got the experience of seeing the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge and Lower Manhattan from the water. OK, so I was a little disappointed that he didn’t want to enjoy bagels at Ess-A-Bagel thanks to the Dunkin Donuts next door. I’m not sure Colby will actually admit to enjoying his time at the museums, but I do think he enjoyed parts of it.
We love New York City and are happy that we’ve introduced our son to some of our New York City favorites while giving him the opportunity to discover some of his own.
I lived in Connecticut when I was a kid and we used to go to NYC pretty often when I was around Colby’s age. Hey Lance: stuck in a drive through getting coffee on way to the cottage for a week at the beach. Colby had no idea there was a tour of MSG possible, but I decided to give him a couple of hours of something he would really enjoy while Stacey shopped.
Welcome to the adventure!We're Lance and Stacey Wiedower, writers who enjoy exploring the world as much as our home city of Memphis. Families with kids from all over flock to this bustling metropolitan to see its beautiful sights and experience its amazing culture. Many areas of the store are geared for toddlers and preschoolers, including Clifforda€™s Dog House and the Creative Corner and Klutz Activity Center.
The Union Square Greenmarket is the best I have ever seen, with so many local farmers offering up a variety of wonderful foods. 18th St., between 5th and 6th Aves), and there are plenty of cozy places to sit and read, as long as your kids are respectful of the books.
Located right outside The Oyster Bar (great place to get a bowl of chowder, completely caught in time), one of the most magical things is the Whispering Wall.

School-age kids can climb the landmark Alice in Wonderland and Hans Christian Anderson statues. Still, with four stories, each geared to a different age level, this museum offers an adventure that could last all day long if you want it.
My wife and I have seen New York from so many different angles, and we have numerous New York City favorites. For us, that meant attending a Broadway show, going up the Empire State Building and seeing the Statue of Liberty, but also spending time in neighborhoods filled with great restaurants, shopping and cool architecture to enjoy as we walked the streets. We attend a lot of touring Broadway shows at home, and have been to several in New York City.
It only makes sense that a sports-obsessed boy, specifically obsessed with the NBA, would want to visit the NBA Store.
We only ride in them when we travel, but I think he enjoyed seeing the streets of New York go by from the back of a New York taxi. As we were waiting on Stacey to join us at Lombardi’s Pizza for Sunday dinner, we discovered a basketball court in a park next to the restaurant. But this kid had more donuts in New York City than he’s probably had in the past two years combined.
Stacey and I spent a week in an apartment near there for our 10-year wedding anniversary, and spent a lot of time just sitting in the park soaking in the atmosphere.
I don’t make a habit of arena tours because they seem to be too expensive for what you get. Every Saturday afternoon, the store hosts a completely free and fabulous event that is different every week, from book readings to character visits to pirate ship adventures.
There is a little table where children can read and color, and all of the shelves are low enough for the little ones to find their favorite books. Haupt Glass Garden is also open to the public 365 days a year and is a fantastic place for visitors to enjoy as well.
You can exercise preschoolers and toddlers more safely about a ten-minute walk south in my familya€™s favorite corner of the Park, Billy Johnson Playground (at 67th St. We will typically spend an hour on the fourth floor, which is for babies and toddlers, and another hour on the Dora the Explorer floor that is targeted to 2 to 4 year olds.
New York is possibly our favorite city in the world, and earlier this summer we decided to introduce our 7-year-old son to the joys of it and watch him create his own New York City favorites.
This past year, for example, we did an NBA Road Trip series where we checked out the NBA scene in three Southern cities. I would never step foot in one of the overpriced restaurants there, but I think seeing the lights of Times Square is exhilarating. That goes back to our trip to London a couple of years ago when one of us in our group almost got separated getting on the train. Part of our CityPASS was the option to take a semi-circle boat tour around the bottom half of Manhattan with Circle Cline Sightseeing Cruises. For probably 15 minutes, Colby had a lot of fun shooting with a pretty flat basketball he found under a bench. I’m one of the biggest hockey fans in the world (self-proclaimed, I know) so I was super excited to see Madison Square Garden. Together, Trips by Lance and Stacey is where we share stories of our adventures as we inspire other families to discover this great world.
There is plenty of room to walk around, and ita€™s right across the street from Barnes & Noble (great if ita€™s chilly, or the kids need a bathroom break), and Whole Foods (good place to grab lunch).

We just love visiting all of the different bakeries (Elenia€™s and Fat Witch Bakery) and food markets. Note: This historic train station is especially festive and kid-friendly during the holiday season. There are arts and crafts, puzzles, games and all sorts of activities that keep the kids happy and interested for long periods of time. Our hotel on the last half of our visit was about 10 blocks away, and we could somewhat see the lights from our room. I thought it was cool, although disappointed it really focuses more on the most popular teams and players. The lesson here is that sometimes with children, the most simple activity can be one of the  most memorable experiences. Not if but when we make it to Houston you’ll have to show Colby all the sports fun of that city. I was short on time so I didn’t do a tour, but I did see three Rangers players right outside the stadium!
Therea€™s a beautiful little water fountain in the middle of the market that my kids find fascinating, and I love the cobblestone walkway and old feel of the building. My kids love the calm, quiet environment and looking at the beautiful plants, most of all in the winter when it is too cold to enjoy the outdoors. Therea€™s a musical laser light show that lights up the main concoursea€™s vast starry ceiling, and just off the concourse the New York Transit Museum stages a holiday train show: model trains run through a winter wonderland cityscape complete with a miniature Grand Central and other city landmarks. Ita€™s so beautifully landscaped that it feels like a rustic garden, with equipment made of white cedar, a spiral granite slide, a stone bridge, and a fountain in summertime. We were there the day after the Rangers lost a heartbreaking Game 5 in the Stanley Cup Finals, so everyone was a little down. He came away with a Brooklyn Nets shooting shirt, which happens to be his shirt of choice for the first day of school this week. The only negative was it turned out to be the hottest day of our five-day visit, so make sure you have water or buy some from the vendors along the way. I was happy to be outdoors, but I would have enjoyed all of these activities not only then but today too. When the weather is warmer, we often prefer to spend time in the 5,500-square-foot childrena€™s PlayGarden, which is full of trees and shrubs and offers kids many ways to learn about horticulture. We were happy we found a show that kept the adults entertained and was also fun for our son. We possibly should have stuck to the original plan and went up first thing on a Saturday morning before the crowds. The toddler area has nice mats and a water-and-sand area (better in the summer), and a nice-sized climbing area for little ones.
If you or your child is a sports fan at all, I think a tour of MSG is worth a couple hours of your time in New York City. Sometimes it makes sense to just make your way to the nearest subway station instead of hailing a cab.

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