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The Waldorf-Astoria has historically epitomized New York City glamour with much ease, but beneath the surface of this Art-Deco luxury hotel lies…an abandoned train track?! Though not exactly a train station of its own, the Waldorf-Astoria was built atop one of Grand Central Terminal’s many early platform lots through a lease of air rights. The famous (yet unconfirmed) story about the Waldorf-Astoria platform features Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
One use that we hope is true is that the platform also served as an underground party space for Andy Warhol in 1965, according to William D.
Brennan also traces the construction of the freight elevator that runs from platform level to 49th Street to the construction of the Waldorf-Astoria itself, not prior. Somehow the plans changed, and the elevator never went directly to the hotel itself, just the street.
Today, the platform serves little purpose and is restricted to any passenger service and blocked from visitation. I was at an impasse in my life.  But once the bell tolls, you can’t pretend you don’t hear it.
Everyone has some sort of a life-changing moment.  What was your “ah ha” moment that pushed you to change?  Or, are you still waiting for it?   If so, what are you waiting for?
This entry was posted in advice, anxiety, determination, fear, goal, growth, influences, lessons, Uncategorized, writer's digest, writing, writing inspiration and tagged change, fear, Grand Central, knifepoint, transformation, writer, Writer's Digest. Political issues aside, I particularly liked it’s impressive vault height of 72 m and the distinctly Italian Feel. One of the changes Mussolini made was the introduction of huge steel canopies, 341 m long covering the tracks.  Even this photo taken on my inexpensive point and shoot of 2010 gives an idea of just how impressive they are. Reminiscing about the grandeur of Milan Station led my thoughts down the track to other train stations I have known. Renamed Rossio, it’s original name Estacao Central, still sits elaborately over the arches. Lisbon loves tiles and this was not the only tile mural on site.  I broke the scene into four panels but at the station they are one long mural.
With a patronage of 75 million per year this train station could find itself in the same league as my final choice. If you wish to know more about this station, there is a very knowledgeable comment at the bottom which explains it in depth. Just remember to act respectfully though, because this grand old lady turned 100 years old this year. I have yet to see those in the Netherlands (recently enough to remember anyway), and Eastern Europe, but hope to one day.
Hello, ah memories, I went to Milan station almost 30 years ago and can remember well how stunning it was.
The Lisbon station with the Panels on the wall of the ocean scenes are incredible, especially like Panel 2.
People always have a predilection towards a predominant construction material, when choosing to design public or private structures. The main post office in New York was developed on a glass and steel structure, displaying a unique Corinthian stone facade.
Behind the delivery and receiving offices there was a mail handling room covered by a 206 ft long and 160 ft wide glass ceiling, to allow post officer inspectors from the above level to inspect undergoing work.
Designed by the famous American architect Frank Lloyd Wright, Fallingwater (otherwise known as Kaufmann Residence) is one of the most impressive houses ever built.
Wright was influenced by the Japanese architecture in this design, therefore there are many sides of the structure where stone walls are replaced by glass.
Designed by Ludwig van der Rohe for the 1929 International Exposition, this building served as Germany’s Pavilion at the exhibition.
The actual version was reconstructed in 1986 on the original site and preserved the original features. This 102-story high skyscraper is probably one of the most famous landmarks in New York City.
The 80 years old structure is currently undergoing a massive $550 million renovation that will transform it in one of the most eco-friendly towers in the States. The surface of the building is covered in limestone panels from Indiana and the top of the building is illuminated at night by different colors, depending on seasonal events. In Santiago’s Old Town, a well-known UNESCO World Heritage Site, lays one building that truly stands apart. The CGAC’s building is yet another impressive expression of the modernist movement in architecture, with strong rationalist influences. Flatrion Building (also known as Fuller Building) was one of the first skyscrapers ever built.
The whole structure is built on a steel skeleton, a relatively new and cutting-edge method for the beginning of the 20th century. Often incorrectly referred to as the Grand Central Station, Grand Central Terminal in New York is the biggest train station in the world by the number of platforms: 44 platforms with 67 tracks along. The Grand Central showcases a wonderful Beaux Arts style and with over 400,000 people passing through this marvelous structure each day. The vaulted ceiling is an elaborate astronomical work completed in 1988, after a 12 year restoration project.

The Grand Palais de Champes-Elysees is a huge exhibition hall and historical site in the capital of France.
The Grand Palais is also the place where new techniques were implemented for the first time in history, such as the use of glass vaults and the first light steel frame. The 240 meters (787 ft) long exhibition area is covered by an iron, steel and glass barrel-vault roof, while the facade displays a superb combination of the Classical stone style and the Art Nouveau ironwork.
This is definitely one of the most stylish buildings in Chicago and one of the most elegant skyscrapers ever erected in United States. The Chicago Board of Trade Building is famous for the art deco architecture with large stone carvings, sculpture and large trading floors.
As many other skyscrapers of that time, the Chicago Board of Trade Building is also built on steel frame structural systems and its surface is covered in gray Indiana limestone.
The space occupied by the actual building was once the home of John Baskerville, one of 18th century’s England most successful businessmen. The building underwent a major refurbishment from 2003 to 2007 that extended it two floors upside. The ornately patterned roof is covered by 230,000 tiles braced originally by a wooden framework.
This is one of the best examples of a Usonian house, a term used by the architect of this house to define America’s particular character in designing architecture. The L-shaped structure is built of natural materials such as cypress wood and features a service core, right in the center of the house. This is the only international airport in the Indian state of Rajasthan and earned its certification in December 2005.
The most impressive part is the entrance gate, made of sandstone and Dholpur stones painted by the local artists.
This fun fact is fairly well-known in urban exploration circles and was included in our Top 10 Secrets of Grand Central, but we thought it was worth its own shout out. The now barren subterranean space once served as a means to transport the hotel’s more famous guests discreetly, like General Pershing who first used the platform in 1938. In some accounts, he used this platform to transfer himself into an employed custom-made train cart. The platform was of course never used or intended to be used in regular passenger service, and it was not even built for the hotel; it just happens to be in the right place. However, you can catch a glimpse of the site and its noted security train cart when onboard the Metro-North, looking to the right, leaving Grand Central Station. This was unbelievably scary not only because the jumps don’t fall down but also because this was something I never thought I could do. New York City is well-known for its high traffic thus, it is not recommended to ride on Hop On Hop Off buses or taxis (cabs) around Manhattan streets.
I regret that I have not been better about photographing the stations we’ve been through. Although the Milan station is beautiful our experience with trying to buy a ticket was anything but – rude and dismissive is how we found the counter staff.
But developing new and fast ways of producing and using materials like concrete, metal and glass revolutionized architecture, and with it the designs and their message.
The carefully detailed Corinthian columns represent the longest giant order colonnade of this style in the whole world. Steel and other ironworks were used for numerous decorations across the buildings that are still visible today.
This amazingly beautiful structure is partly built over a waterfall on Bear Run, in an idyllic forest from Pennsylvania. To support the entire weight of the house, the first floor’s structure is made out of reinforced steel.
Combining marble with travertine in this daring and extravagant design made this building famous worldwide.
The Barcelona Pavilion is a magnificent minimal blend of steel, glass and four types of marble.
Often referred to as one of the seven wonders of modern architecture, this amazing tower continues to be the tallest skyscraper in NYC and the third tallest in USA. It displays a superb Art Deco design, with modernistic stainless steel canopies on two of the entries and glass enclosed bridges on the second-floor level. It was designed by the Portuguese architect Alvaro Siza Vieria (a Pritzker award winner) and constructing this fabulous structure took five years, from 1988 to 1993. Some perceive it as an austere building, but it is that kind of soberness that also implies a feeling of serenity. It was completed in 1902 and rapidly became an icon of New York City, due to its unique triangular shape. At the vertex, the triangular structure is only 6.5 ft (2 meters) wide, due to the acute angle of only 25 degrees. The terminal is built on 48 acres and platforms are placed on two levels, both below ground. The facade displays magnificent huge arches of steel and glass that allow the sunlight to get in the building. The main concourse is 275 ft (83 m) long and 120 ft (36 m) wide, but the underground commercial spaces stretch out beyond the nearby streets. As one of the most relevant examples of Beaux Arts in the world, this amazing palace is famous worldwide for its unique stone facade.

The main purpose of Gran Palais was to serve as the republic’s largest monument that will celebrate French art, with amazing details of design.
It was completed in 1930 and was the first building in Chicago to be designated as a city landmark. A distinctive part of the building is the six story high windows, below the clock facing LaSalle Street. This building was funded and developed by the local administration as a civic centre and was completed in 1937. This was destroyed by a fire during World War II and replicating the initial bracing would have required an entire square kilometer of forest. Rosenbaum House was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and is one of the 26 pre-World War II Usonian houses ever built.
The new terminal of the airport was inaugurated last year and features a series of modern facilities, such as a central heating and air conditioning system, inline x-ray inspection of the luggage, escalators, a flight information system and many more. The construction is a perfect example of how a public structure can encompass elements from the local culture, through processes of smart customization work.
The vehicle would commute him straight to the hotel and was armored for the traveler’s protection.
There is a lot of planning to do since traveling to New York is more expensive compared to traveling to San Francisco and Washington D.C. For more details about the rate of yellow cab, please refer to this official website of NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission. I had no idea the Milan station was patterned after Union Station, a beautiful station, that was restored when I lived in DC.
Stone represents constancy over time, steel imposes grandeur and induces a massive look for building, while glass gives elegance and clearness for the whole structure. There is a special stonework that works as a frame, giving a feeling of perfect harmony between this architectural wonder and its surroundings. The authenticity of this modernist structure kept the building standing for more than eight decades after closing the exposition. CGAC is located alongside another important museum of Galicia: The Convent of San Domingos de Bonaval.
It displays a wonderful balance between the outer and the inner space, with high stone walls and a glass roof that allows the light to flood the long interior axis. This amazing 22-story building displays a Greek-like facade, covered in limestone and glazed terracota.
It displays a wonderful energetic mixture of Gothic and Renaissance styles; one distinctive note of design is represented by the perfectly aligned rows of widows, making it one of the most distinguishable structures in New York. Baskerville House had different roles over time and nowadays serves as an office for a British company. They seem to complete in perfect harmony the stone facade and to adapt the purpose of the structure to our times. Completed in 1147 in a superb Romanesque and Gothic style, this structure stood the test of time for almost a millennium. Therefore, the architects used 600 tons of steel bracing, while the initial design of the roof remained unchanged. The structure displays large windows on the interior side of the house and multi-level low-rising steel-cantilevered roofs. In another version, his armored train on Metro-North would disconnect and drive onto the platform and into the freight elevator. We were staying at Holiday Inn New York City Fifth Avenue at Manhattan downtown which is cheaper than staying at 4 star and 5 star hotels within the area.
A company I worked for at the time was involved in the renovation and we got tickets to the official reopening. The columns cover a line of huge steel-framed windows that allow post workers to get enough sunlight every day. This idea created a powerful trend that still continues to influence all the modernist private houses. The Cathedral was built out of limestone, being 107 meters (350 ft) long, 40 meters (131 ft) wide and 136 meters (445 ft) tall. It contains 1,540 square ft (143 square meters) of usable space and serves today as a public museum. This features glass and steel walls interrupted by parts made by stones from the local quarries. Beside that, staying within Manhattan helped me to reduce traveling time wastage in New York City. Centuries of pollution and bad weather turned the cathedral black, but through ambitious renovation projects, the original white was restored. Nonetheless, Joseph Brennan of Abandoned Subways has been unable to substantiate even one visit that utilized the platform, including Roosevelt’s foreign policy address at the Waldorf.

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