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Found in Lower Manhattan in the middle of Park Row and Broadway, the City Hall of New York has a rich history and its design has been constantly lauded by a throng of architecture critics and experts. When the time arrived for New York city to build a new city hall to substitute the old one which was constructed in 1700 and was situated at Nassau Street and Wall Street, the city officials organized a design contest to pick the architect who would create the new structure. The construction of the new city hall was finished in 1811 and was officially inaugurated in 1812. New York City Hall has a central pavilion which is bordered by a couple of protruding wings.
Inside the city hall, guests will be greeted by an expansive rotunda which can be reached via a majestic marble stairway. Aside from the City Hall itself, the City Hall Park is equally as popular among residents and tourists.
In the 17th Century while New York was under Dutch rule, City Hall was originally in the old City Tavern on Pearl Street. The office of City Council President Carol Bellamy inside City Hall doubled as the Mayor's office.
In 1958, the roof of City Hall burned down during a fireworks display; charred remains of the former roof can still be seen in the attic. The first thing thing you need to do to elope in New York is apply for a marriage license, which you can either do online or in person at one of the New York Marriage Bureau offices. Ceremonies are quite brief in that they only last for a few minutes, but you are welcome to linger in the room afterwards for photos and congratulations with your loved ones.
The financial district is a well-known neighborhood where the New York Stock exchange and the American Stock exchange takes place.

Located between Broadway, Park Row and Chambers street, City Hall Park is surrounded by centuries-old majestic government buildings that date back to 1812, and it is a very-well acknowledged place for enthusiastic people.
The Brooklyn bridge is one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States, and it stretches 5,989 feet (1825mi) over the east river, connecting the New York City boroughs of Downtown, Manhattan and Brooklyn on Long Island. Battery Park is a 25-acre public park located at the Battery, the southern tip of the New York city borough of Manhattan, facing New York Harbor. It is an officially recognized New York City landmark and is include in both the National Register of Historic Places and the New York Register of Historic Places.
Since its inception, the building the park where it its located have been the venue of several New York and event national scale occasions. The inside can be classified as American Georgian, but its fa?ade is undeniably French Renaissance which is considered to be Mangin?s signature on the design. A lengthy staircase leads to the primary entryway in the middle and this stairway has been the setting of many significant events for the past 200 years.
On the second level of the city hall, visitors can see the massive Corinthian columns that are holding up the dome. Back in the 17th century it was a mere pasture bordering the city which was called the Commons. I’ve helped many couples, both international and local, plan their New York elopement at City Hall or elsewhere around the city (just look at some of my reviews!). The wedding chapel (more like a conference room) can hold 15 or so people comfortably, and even more if people stagger.
New York has been legally wedding same-sex couples since 2011 when the Marriage Equality Act was passed.

The pillared entrance porch is crowned by a balustrade and an additional balustrade is located at the city hall?s roof.
Several structures were constructed within the park, but the city hall is the only standing building at the park currently.
In short, it costs $35 (credit card or money order), you both need some form of valid photo ID (like a passport or driver’s license), and you must obtain the license at least 24 hours before getting married.
At the center of the city hall is a dome tower which was most recently reconstructed in 1917 after being destroyed in two grave fires. Aside from being the nerve center of the city government, the City Hall Park witnessed several historical events including the first public outcry against British colonialism. I’ve shot City Hall weddings in as little as one hour and have waited as long as three hours.
However, the city government needed to revisit the cost of the building as it was deemed too expensive. The fa?ade of the city hall is made of limestone sourced from Alabama while its base is fashioned from granite sourced from Missouri.
Several other attractions are found within the park including a majestic fountain and a monument which pays tribute to colonial patriot Nathan Hale.
Construction finally began in 1803 and the City Hall was the last time that the tandem of McComb and Mangin worked together.

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