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Residents of the Big Apple will have an easier time finding New York City’s laws online, under new legislation proposed by a handful of city council members. Sponsored by Council Member Brad Lander, who represents the 39th Council District in Brooklyn, the bill is a response to concerns that finding municipal laws are some of the most difficult civic information to find online. For years state governments have partnered with publishers to update and sift through their jumble of constantly changing legal codes, charging fees for any annotations, section titles, chapter summaries — and almost every alteration to make the texts coherent and digestible.
The New York City Council currently pays for subscriptions to Westlaw so its staff can access NYC municipal code. Scott Augustin, a spokesperson for Thomson Reuters, told Government Technology that the company believes in free and open access to public information.
In an interview with Government Technology, Kallos admitted that while city laws can be found online, they can be difficult to locate. Only recently did Kallos learn that the New York Law Department contracted with the New York Legal Publishing Corporation to put the laws online, but they are only updated twice a year. Kallos believes that city and other people subscribe to research sites like Westlaw, LexisNexis and others because it is the only way to know for certain that the law a person is looking at is current.
Having a municipality’s laws online and easily available would seem to be a common first step for cities concerned with improving transparency. Kallos felt it has taken a long time for cities to address the issue, perhaps due to the revenue generated from selling publication of the laws to private companies.
In a recent survey conducted by Public CIO, over 125 respondents shared how they protect their environments from cyber threats and the challenges they see in an all-IP world. This is how your name and profile photo will appear on Panoramio if you connect this Google+ account. New York City Hall is located at the center of City Hall Park in the area of Lower Manhattan, New York City, USA, between Broadway, Park Row, and Chambers Street. Constructed from 1810 to 1812, New York City Hall is a National Historic Landmark and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. New York City Hall is located at the center of City Hall Park in the Civic Center section of Lower Manhattan between Broadway, Park Row and Chambers Street. Found in Lower Manhattan in the middle of Park Row and Broadway, the City Hall of New York has a rich history and its design has been constantly lauded by a throng of architecture critics and experts. When the time arrived for New York city to build a new city hall to substitute the old one which was constructed in 1700 and was situated at Nassau Street and Wall Street, the city officials organized a design contest to pick the architect who would create the new structure. The construction of the new city hall was finished in 1811 and was officially inaugurated in 1812. New York City Hall has a central pavilion which is bordered by a couple of protruding wings. Inside the city hall, guests will be greeted by an expansive rotunda which can be reached via a majestic marble stairway. Aside from the City Hall itself, the City Hall Park is equally as popular among residents and tourists.
In the 17th Century while New York was under Dutch rule, City Hall was originally in the old City Tavern on Pearl Street.
The office of City Council President Carol Bellamy inside City Hall doubled as the Mayor's office. In 1958, the roof of City Hall burned down during a fireworks display; charred remains of the former roof can still be seen in the attic. By the evening of its first day, the riots were a deadly threat to New York's African Americans. The New York Draft Riots began at 10:30Am on July 13, 1863 when a volunteer fire company unexpectedly smashed their way into the draft office on 47th Street and 3rd Avenue. Before the riot started, the last order from police headquarters to be telegraphed was for all off-duty cops to report to their stations. This illustration shows rioters cutting the telegraph lines near the scene of the outbreak of the riots. The immediate cause of the riot was resentment over the Draft, but once the disorder began, pro-Southern Copperhead orators fanned out to stir up the mob and broaden its agenda.
Limited looting took place early in the riots, but it became widespread as night fell on the first day. The peculiarities of mob behavior were displayed on Monday afternoon when a mob began to attack St.
At the same time, the Uptown mob was listening to John Andrews urge them to attack the state armory which had 500 rifles stored in it and a nearby gun factory with 4,000 rifles in it. In the afternoon, small groups of men, many of them Irish immigrants, began attacking blacks. When the staff tried to lead the orphans out of the soon to be burned down building, Some in the mob called for the children to be beaten. At 6:00 PM a gang of men who had been assaulting blacks came upon an African American man walking on Clarkson St.
While some street orators called for attacks on blacks, describing slavery as the cause of the war, others saw the racial violence as a distraction from the real enemy, the wealthy Republicans. By Monday night, the Black Joke joined other fire companies in trying to put out the fires they had played a role in igniting. Even as the organized working class abandoned the riot, the unemployed and underemployed swelled the ranks of the mob. One of the most publicized acts of violence was against Reginald Oliver Denny, a white truck driver dragged out of his cab and badly beaten. The Immigrants’ Civil War is a series that will examine the role of immigrants in our bloodiest war.
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Cenario de diversos filmes e noticias impactantes, a cidade recebe visitantes de todos os lugares do mundo e destaca-se por sua influencia em varios setores, de comercio e financas a moda e entretenimento. Voce pode conferir tambem Como Falar Ingles em 8 Semanas evitando o erro N?#1 que as escolas regulares de ingles cometem. Considerada a capital cultural do mundo, tambem e um centro para assuntos internacionais e a abriga a sede da Organizacao das Nacoes Unidas (ONU).
Localizado em um dos maiores portos naturais do mundo, o lugar tambem e conhecido como Cidade de Nova York (New York City), para diferencia-lo do estado de Nova York, do qual faz parte. Passou a fazer parte do Imperio Britanico em 1664, quando a cidade e seus arredores foram tomados pelo Reino da Inglaterra. A cidade foi a capital dos Estados Unidos de 1785 a 1790 e, desde entao, se tornou a maior cidade do pais. Alem de ser a cidade mais poulosa dos Estados Unidos, Nova York e a terceira cidade mais populosa da America, ficando atras apenas de Sao Paulo e Cidade do Mexico.
Em seu territorio, sao falados cerca de 800 idiomas diferentes, o que lhe garantiu o titulo de cidade com a maior diversidade linguistica do mundo. E dividida em cinco boroughs ou distritos, que tambem sao condados do estado de Nova York: Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens e Staten Island. Localizado no Upper West Side de Manhattan, o museu e um dos maiores e mais visitados museus dos Estados Unidos e do mundo. Tambem e possivel ver artefatos, artesanato e armas rudimentares de diversas culturas, alem de minerais, meteoritos e gemas diversas. Vale a pena esticar o passeio e conhecer o Hayden Planetarium, que fica ao lado do Museu de Historia Natural. O planetario tem um dos projetores mais avancados do mundo (geralmente fica protegido por 3 segurancas) que recria o espaco, as estrelas e planetas com um realismo incrivel. A avenida atravessa o Manhattan e o Bronx e e ponto de referencia para 43 teatros que formam o Circuito Broadway. O parque mais famoso de Nova York foi inaugurado em 1858 e e parada obrigatoria para quem visita a cidade. E um excelente passeio para quem tem criancas – principalmente se os pequenos forem fas do filme Madagascar. Esse bairro localiza-se no Lower East Side de Manhattan e abriga a maior comunidade chinesa no Ocidente. Palco de festas orientais, uma das maiores caracteristicas de Chinatown e o fato de seus moradores conseguirem manter vivos os costumes e os idiomas orientais. O Empire State Building tem dois observatorios disponiveis para visitacao, sendo um um no 86? andar e outro no 102? andar. A Estatua da Liberdade se tornou o maior simbolo nao so de Nova York, mas tambem dos Estados Unidos.
Os objetos que ela segura sao uma tocha e uma tabua de leis, na qual esta gravado o dia da Independencia dos Estados Unidos – 4 de julho de 1776.

Tambem chamado de Grand Central Station, e o maior terminal de trens do mundo em numero de plataformas.
A estacao fica no centro de Manhattan e destaca-se por sua arquitetura, que conta com uma fachada de colunas com as estatuas de Hercules, Minerva e Mercurio ao redor de um lindo relogio, escadarias belissimas e Salao Principal com janelas de 23 metros de altura, entre outros detalhes impressionantes. O museu de arte moderna e contemporanea localiza-se no Upper East Side de Manhattan e destaca-se nao so pelas obras que abriga, mas tambem por sua estrutura. Mais conhecido como Lincoln Center, e o maior complexo de arte performatica dos Estados Unidos e abriga varios projetos e iniciativas artisticas. Como o nome ja sugere, o bairro costumava ser famoso por abrigar uma enorme quantidade de imigrantes italianos. Tambem chamado de The Garden, o complexo esportivo e formado por quatro arenas com capacidade para cerca de 18 mil pessoas em jogos de hoquei no gelo e 20 mil em jogos de basquete. O Met possui mais de 2 milhoes de obras de arte que abrangem 5.000 anos de historia e recebe anualmente mais de 5 milhoes de visitantes. Foi fundado em 1870 por um grupo de artistas, empresarios e pensadores americanos com o objetivo de levar arte e educacao sobre artes para os americanos. Entre suas colecoes, estao incluidas a melhor colecao de arte Egipcia fora do Cairo e uma das melhores colecoes de arte islamica do mundo, alem de pecas em cristal e prata, armaduras e trabalhos Impressionistas e Pos-Impressionistas. A sede da prefeitura de Nova York foi construida entre 1803 e 1812 e e considerada um Patrimonio Historico Nacional.
Inaugurado em 2013, o edificio foi construido no local onde ficava o World Trade Center – as torres gemeas que sofreram o ataque terrorista de 11 de setembro de 2001.
E o edificio mais alto do hemisferio ocidental e o terceiro mais alto do mundo, com 104 andares distribuidos em 541 metros.
E a avenida mais chique e famosa de Nova York, lar dos apartamentos, mansoes e lojas mais caros da cidade e representante do poder e da riqueza nova-iorquinos.
Alem do complexo de 19 edificios comerciais, o lugar tambem tem uma pista de patinacao no gelo, famosa pela estatua dourada de Prometeu.
O Rockefeller Center tambem abriga o Radio City Music Hall e a sede da NBC, onde e gravado o famoso programa Saturday Night Live. A regiao fica entre Broadway e a 7? Avenida e entre a West 42nd Street e a West 47th Street, no centro de Manhattan.
E la que acontece a virada de ano mais famosa dos Estados Unidos, com uma bola de cristal que desce do topo de um edificio.
149, the city’s charter and administrative code are published as a part of the Laws of New York by the New York State Legislative Bill Commission. The ability to search the site is also limited, so a person might have a hard time finding a code section if they didn’t know what they are looking for. 149 was trying to achieve, and was confident that the ideals in the legislation will at some point get codified and serve as a model for the country. We reserve the right to remove comments that are considered profane, vulgar, obscene, factually inaccurate, off-topic, or considered a personal attack. You get the situational awareness, actionable intelligence, and instantaneous speed to immediately identify, respond to, and proactively neutralize threats in just milliseconds. The building is the oldest City Hall in the United States that still houses its original governmental functions. The building is the oldest City Hall in the United States that still houses its original governmental functions, such as the office of the Mayor of New York City and the chambers of the New York City Council.
It is an officially recognized New York City landmark and is include in both the National Register of Historic Places and the New York Register of Historic Places. Since its inception, the building the park where it its located have been the venue of several New York and event national scale occasions. The inside can be classified as American Georgian, but its fa?ade is undeniably French Renaissance which is considered to be Mangin?s signature on the design. A lengthy staircase leads to the primary entryway in the middle and this stairway has been the setting of many significant events for the past 200 years.
On the second level of the city hall, visitors can see the massive Corinthian columns that are holding up the dome. Back in the 17th century it was a mere pasture bordering the city which was called the Commons. John Anderson, a Virginia Copperhead, harangued the mob multiple times with overtly racist and pro-Confederate appeals to insurrection. When the rioters discovered that the police had abandoned the streets to them, some looting began. With no central command and no organized structure, groups of men and women would argue on street corners about what to do next or even over what their goals were.
So far, all the violence had been in what was then called Uptown, the area now called Midtown.
They were saved by “a young Irishman named Paddy McCaffrey” who, along with four transit workers, risked life and limb to save them. One orator told the crowd protesting near City Hall “What’s the use of killing the Nig—-s? Leaders of the city’s skilled labor movement were urging their members not to participate in the riots and to end the general strike against the Draft. With darkness, police stations around the city received more and more reports of attacks on black men and that mobs were driving black families out of whole blocks. Disturbances began about a half hour after the not guilty verdict was delivered in the trial of Los Angeles police for the beating of Rodney King. A few minutes later a Guatemalan immigrant named Fidel Lopez was set upon at the same intersection and also beaten. Some saw this as a race riot by blacks against Asians, others as a protest against police abuse that got out of hand, and still others as a symbol of modern urban lawlessness. They had a specific immediate cause, the Draft Lottery drawing in New York City, but, once the mob saw the forces of law abandon the streets, violent acts against a variety of targets proliferated. Articles will appear monthly between 2011 and 2015, the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War. 1848: The Year that Created Immigrant America - Revolutions in Europe, famine and oppression in Ireland, and the end of the Mexican War made 1848 a key year in American immigration history. Carl Schurz: From German Radical to American Abolitionist- A teenaged revolutionary of 1848, Carl Schurz brought his passion for equality with him to America. Immigrant Day Laborers Help Build the First Fort to Protect Washington-The Fighting 69th use their construction skills. Immigrants Rush to Join the Union Army-Why?- The reasons immigrants gave for enlisting early in the war.
Union Leader Ben Butler Seeks Support in New Orleans-When General Ben Butler took command in New Orleans in 1862, it was a Union outpost surrounded by Confederates. The Irish Brigade Moves Towards Richmond-The Irish brigade in the Peninsula Campaign from March 17 to June 2, 1862. Peninsula Emancipation: Irish Soldiers Take Steps on the Road to Freedom-The Irish Brigade and Irish soldiers from Boston free slaves along the march to Richmond. Making Immigrant Soldiers into Citizens-Congress changed the immigration laws to meet the needs of a nation at war.
Seu nome passou a ser Nova York quando o Rei Carlos II da Inglaterra concedeu as terras para seu irmao, que, na epoca, era o Duque de York.
Tambem e a segunda localidade mais densamente povoada do estado de Nova York e a grande cidade mais densamente povoada dos Estados Unidos. Possui colecoes com mais de 32 milhoes de especies, mas apenas uma parte delas pode ser mostrada por vez. Os teatros exibem grandes producoes de musicais, que costumam ficar em cartaz durante anos, atraindo milhares de espectadores. O zoologico tem mais de 150 especies de animais de todo o mundo, incluindo leoes marinhos, pinguins, ursos polares, macacos, repteis, anfibios e passaros, entre outros.
A regiao tem diversas lojas de antiguidades e artes, alem de restaurantes tipicos e galerias.
As 44 plataformas estao distribida em dois andares, com 26 trilhos no andar inferior e 41 no superior. O segredo para conhecer melhor o museu da maneira como seu arquiteto idealizou e subir ate o ultimo andar de elevador e descer suas rampas a pe.
Apesar de ter diminuido devido ao crescimento de Chinatown, a regiao continua sendo conhecida pelas lojas e restaurantes italianos. Seu exterior e interior sao considerados New York City landmarks, isto e, patrimonios da cidade de Nova York.
Ao sul do predio encontram-se um museu e um memorial em homenagem as vitimas do ataque terrorista, alem de um centro de artes cenicas. Alem disso, e nela que se encontram varios pontos turisticos, como o Empire State Building, o Rockefeller Center, o Metropolitan Museum, o Guggenheim Museum e o Central Park.

O predio tambem inspirou o nome da serie de televisao 30 Rock, que se passaria no edificio Rockefeller. E conhecida no mundo inteiro gracas aos seus letreiros luminosos e recebe mais de 39 milhoes de turistas por ano.
Three versions of the law are certified by the state Assembly Speaker and the Senate Temporary President. Constructed from 1803 to 1812, New York City Hall is a National Historic Landmark and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The pillared entrance porch is crowned by a balustrade and an additional balustrade is located at the city hall?s roof.
Several structures were constructed within the park, but the city hall is the only standing building at the park currently.
When the violence began, the rioters tore down the telegraph wires so that the police could no longer communicate between stations and so that city officials could not coordinate with the state and Federal governments.
Other speakers urged the mob to only pursue the suspension of the Draft and to limit violence to the destruction of Draft records.
People who participated in one aspect of the riot would fall out of the mob when they felt they had made their point, or when they became concerned about the escalating violence, and go home.
When the fire at the 47th Street Draft Office began to burn out of control and threatened apartments nearby, the mob that had set it and the Black Joke fire company that had precipitated the riot decided to try to put out the fire. Some began calling out “Burn the Nigg—s nest.” The terrified children inside began to pray that their lives be spared, but they did so with tears in their eyes. A six year old who was also separated, was rescued by an Irish construction worker who wrapped him up and carried him like he was a bundle.
The men were angry because during a previous attack one of their number had been shot by a black man defending himself.
African Americans began fleeing up north of the city to villages like Harlem and over the East River by ferry to Brooklyn. While a mob might be made up of members of a particular community, it rarely includes a majority of that community. The original confrontations involved only a few hundred people and seemed to have a political motivation regarding police conduct and police relations with the African American community. Butler drew on his experience as a pro-immigrant politician to win over the city’s Irish and Germans.
La, os visitantes podem ver esqueletos gigantescos de dinossauros e reproducoes de mamiferos, da origem humana e da vida marinha. At the center of the city hall is a dome tower which was most recently reconstructed in 1917 after being destroyed in two grave fires.
Aside from being the nerve center of the city government, the City Hall Park witnessed several historical events including the first public outcry against British colonialism. Over the next two days there would be no unity of command of the security forces and police stations and military posts would come under attack without hope of relief.
Across the street were the headquarters of the most influential newspapers in the United States. When police retreated in the face of a growing crowd, looting began in some parts of Los Angeles.
But what is clear is that the original protesters were not the men who nearly killed Reginald Denny and that many of the looters had no particular interest in Rodney King.
However, the city government needed to revisit the cost of the building as it was deemed too expensive. The fa?ade of the city hall is made of limestone sourced from Alabama while its base is fashioned from granite sourced from Missouri.
Several other attractions are found within the park including a majestic fountain and a monument which pays tribute to colonial patriot Nathan Hale. Not a man to back down in the face of overwhelming odds, McCredie ordered his men to charge the marchers using only their billy clubs. They argued that the protesters had demonstrated that there was broad opposition to the Draft and they should go home and await a response from the Lincoln administration. He explained that the hospital claimed medical neutrality and said that he intended to treat injured police and rioters alike. Copperhead orators urged the crowd of several thousand to attack the offices of Horace Greeley’s New York Tribune on Park Row. Construction finally began in 1803 and the City Hall was the last time that the tandem of McComb and Mangin worked together. Soon, though, with no reinforcements arriving, every single one of the policemen was brought down by the mob and severely beaten. McCredie himself was thrown through a door by rioters and was only saved when a German immigrant woman hid him from pursuers.
That building was renamed Federal Hall after New York became the first official capital of the United States after the Revolutionary War. Plans for building a new City Hall were discussed by the New York City Council as early as 1776, but the financial strains of the war delayed progress. The Council chose a site at the old Common at the northern limits of the City, now City Hall Park.
McComb, whose father had worked on the old City Hall, was a New Yorker and designed Castle Clinton in Battery Park. Mangin studied architecture in his native France before becoming a New York City surveyor in 1795 and publishing an official map of the city in 1803. Construction of the new City Hall was delayed after the City Council objected that the design was too extravagant. In response, McComb and Mangin reduced the size of the building and used brownstone at the rear of the building to lower costs (the brownstone, along with the original deteriorated Massachusetts marble facade, quarried from Alford, Massachusetts, was replaced with Alabama limestone in 1954 to 1956). The building's Governor's Room hosted President-elect Abraham Lincoln in 1861, and his coffin was placed on the staircase landing across the rotunda when he lay in state in 1865 after his assassination. In 2006 a new restoration campaign began for 47 paintings identified by the Art Commission as highest in priority. The design of City Hall influenced at least two later civic structures, the Tweed Courthouse and the Surrogate's Courthouse. The entrance, reached by a long flight of steps, has figured prominently in civic events for over a century and a half.
There is a columned entrance portico capped by a balustrade, and another balustrade at the roof. The original deteriorated Massachusetts marble facade, quarried from Alford, Massachusetts, with brownstone on the rear, was completely reclad with Alabama limestone above a Missouri granite base in 1954-6.
On the inside, the rotunda is a soaring space with a grand marble stairway rising up to the second floor, where ten fluted Corinthian columns support the coffered dome.
The historic Blue Room is where New York City mayors have been giving official press conferences for decades and is often used for bill-signing ceremonies. The steps of City Hall frequently provide a backdrop for political demonstrations and press conferences concerning city politics.
Live, unedited coverage of events at City Hall is carried on NYCTV channel 74, a City government official cable television channel. Fencing surrounds the building's perimeter, with a strong security presence by the New York City Police Department. Public access to the building is restricted to tours and to those with specific business appointments. Most of the neighborhood consists of government offices (city, state and federal), as well as an increasing number of upscale residential dwellings being converted from older commercial structures.
Peters Church, the Woolworth Building, Tweed Courthouse, the Manhattan Municipal Building, the Park Row Building, One Police Plaza, and the Brooklyn Bridge surround City Hall. City Hall Park is approximately three blocks away from the site of the former World Trade Center. Opened on October 27, 1904, this station beneath the public area in front of City Hall was designed to be the showpiece of the new subway. Considered to be one of the most beautiful subway stations in the system, the station is unusually elegant in architectural style.
The platform and mezzanine feature Guastavino tile, skylights, colored glass tile work and brass chandeliers. Fox as a Deputy Mayor making efforts to stop the dim-witted Mayor from embarrassing himself in front of the media and voters. In the 1984 movie Ghostbusters the Mayor summons the protagonists to City Hall to discuss the impending end of the world.

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